Verena Lingerie Review

Frederick, Maryland

I am very excited to share this wonderful company with you ladies!
We do lots of reviews but this one is something new for the blog. Being that our blog consists of majority women, I felt this would be a fun one to offer!

I wanted to share this little bit of information about Verena Lingerie from her Rely Local listing.

Verena is a home base lingerie provider which offers labels, styles and sizes that are currently unavailable in the Frederick area, therefore filling a void which exists between Victoria Secret, Soma and the department stores.

 My goal is to give the discriminating lingerie shopper what she is looking for whether it is fit, comfort or style. Being a woman with a large size breast myself, I know how difficult it can be to find a beautiful well fitted bra. Verena carries bras ranging from sizes 30B to 50N, department stores very rarely have anything larger than a 40DD so a smaller built woman with a large breast is forced to buy a bigger band sizes and not the correct cup size, therefore not giving her the support that she needs.

Women should be fitted yearly and bras should be replaced at least once a year, bras wear out and our bodies change over the years. Wearing a well supported bra helps to prevent premature sagging, improves posture, prevents back and shoulder pain and also makes you appear slimmer.

Are you located in the Frederick, Maryland area? Verena specializes in custom bra fittings! Let her help you find the perfect size!

Sherva at Verena Lingerie sent me the most adorable set to review for you ladies.

Its the most beautiful red set with creamish colored polka dots and the daintiest little pink rose accented the bra and panties.

I loved how the set fit! It always seems that whenever I purchase a new bra, it always rubs be around the band or the straps. I was amazed at how comfortable this bra was!....and how super cute it was!
Verena carries many brands of lingerie such as:

 Affinitas Intimates



 Le Mystere


Knockout Panties




Body Wrap

Let Verena Lingerie Help you with all your Lingerie Needs!

Verena Lingerie
Frederick, Maryland

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