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So today has been a LONG day! We left the beach at around 10 this morning and drove all the way home..getting here at around 4:30. Of course after being at the beach for a week you end up with a lot of dirty laundry. Well i throw a load in the washer and fiddle around the house for a while. Once it finished i put everything in the dyer and then went to start it....only it wouldn't start! Ugh! Perfect! I hope we get it fixed because I really don't want to have to buy a new one especially when we're looking at houses!

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Time to Start House Shopping!

So the hubby and I kinda started looking at houses a couple of months ago, but we decided to hold off until we got back from vacation. So tomorrow is our last full day here at the beach and we're very anxious to start back house hunting! The hubby found a beautiful house this afternoon online for us to look at. Its gorgeous! The great thing about house hunting now is you can basically do it all online! So when you go to look at a house, you basically know what it looks like, its just helping you to make a final decision! We know from the pictures that we love this house!
However as I began flipping through the photos of inside the house, my mind starts going crazy with all these ideas for painting, decorating and more! I am very excited to get started on making a house our home! Everyone wish us luck as we begin this journey!.....Also any advice would be wonderful :)

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Just Go With It

So the hubby and I watched a great movie the other week. Its called "Just Go With It" and it features Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It was GREAT! I loved it! I have to say though that I had a favorite part of the movie.

Towards the middle of the movie where Adam & Jennifer are pretending to be married and meet up with Jen's old highschool enemy, they realized how much they were in love with each other.

They were dared to look at each other and tell each other what they loved about them. They were challenged to do this ever time they left each other.

I think that would be a neat thing to try out with the hubby :)

Giveaway Time!

I'm happy to announce that our FIRST Giveaway is now up from Thirty-One Gifts! Click on the Giveaway link above and just follow the directions! The winner will be chosen on Saturday the 25th. Good Luck!

Alligator Adventure

So the husband and I went to visit the Alligator Adventure for the second time. I will definitely encourage you to check it out if your ever heading down to Myrtle Beach, SC. Its a great place for kids and adults. Its a great learning experience for everyone. The neat thing about the Alligator Adventure is its very hands on for kids. They over shows where you can come and learn about some of the animals and even get to touch them! Today, the showed snakes and a baby alligator. It was pretty neat to be able to touch those animals! Also, while we were there, they had feeding time for the alligators. It was really neat to see them jumping way up out of the water to catch their food!

Day 3 at Myrtle Beach

Another great day at the beach! We kicked the morning off relaxing in the sun and warmth on the beach. I'm usually a quick one to burn but so far...knock on wood....i've barely gotten any sun!.....though I would like to have a nice tan before I leave ;) After our stay on the beach, we headed back to the beach house to take some showers and rest. Boy was it HOT outside and muggy! My hair was a frizzy MESS! After getting all cleaned up we finally headed out to the Tanger Outlets! Great fun and shopping and wonderful prices! For dinner we ate at East Chicago Pizza. If you've never ate there before, its Great! Its very similar to Cici's pizza. Hoping the rest of this week goes by a little more slowly! This vacation sure has been wonderful!

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First Day on the Beach!

Today was the first day we've been on the beach since we got here yesterday afternoon! It was SO wonderful to be able to just lay back and relax! Nothing to worry about (Okay maybe sunburn) ....just fun in the sun!

Happy Father's Day to My Wonderful Dad!

My Dad- James Markuson

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing Dad! He's always been there for me to support me and help me. I couldn't imagine having anyone more perfect. I love him more than anything!

I Love You Dad!

4 Days Till the Beach !

Well we've got 4 days until we leave for the beach and tonight I will begin the dreaded packing! Its bad enough just making sure that you pack enough clothes for yourself...but then I also have to make sure everything else is packed- like toiletries, food, beach towels, sunscreen, and more! If I wait to the last minute I find that I tend to forget things because I feel rushed so I've decided to start early! I'm hoping this will pay off :)

New Tabs!

Well I've got my first new tab up! Want to know how a movie is before you go and see it? Check out my new movie review tab! Also coming soon, product reviews! If you have a product you'd like me to test just let me know! I'd be happy to do it!

So for you ladies out there who just LOVE Bath & Body Works...their Semi Annual Sale starts today! Woohoo!


Well I have to say that I am extremely glad that tomorrow is FRIDAY! This week seems like it's just creeped on by! This weekend is going to be full of lots of plans! Saturday, I have the pleasure of photographing my first wedding :) I'm nervous but I'm sure everything will be just fine! I'm hoping to really take this photography thing to another level. I'd love to be able to support the hubby and I more with it and even pay some bills! I Love doing it! Everyone just keep me in your prayers for Saturday and pray for NO RAIN!

Terrific Tuesday!

Well....nothing about today was actually terrific! I did have the afternoon off from work today which was absolutely WONDERFUL :) I dont get those very often so it was nice to be able to run around and do errands and come home and relax for a bit. So a few days ago I signed up to sell Tupperware. I'm very excited about it and I think I'll do very well! When I got home today, there was a great big box on my porch which included my kit! I was so excited! It was just like Christmas! Lots of new great products to try out! I've decided to start something new on my blog! I'd like to try doing some Product Testing....letting you know what stuff works, how it works, and more :) If you've got an item you would like me to test just let me know!

Happy Saturday!

Wow today has been SO busy! I had to work till 1:00, then I had to head over the Jeannette & Garland's 50th anniversary party to do pictures! It was a lot of fun but I was SO nervous! I've got my first wedding next weekend and I know I'll be even more nervous. Last night I also helped my lil sis get ready for her 8th grade formal. I think she had a lot of fun :)

Just Another Day!

Well today was just Wednesday...nothing too exciting about it. I worked all day and then headed to the grocery store with the wonderful hubby. On an exciting note, I started a fundraiser today for Planned Pethood in Franklin County. The Planned Pethood is a wonderful group who in a no-kill facility. They rescue animals in need and find them homes.