Mommy's Top Picks

During both of my baby showers I received a variety of brands of different items. I know that It'll take some time to try different things and determine what works best for our sweet little girl. I know that even with products that I use, its taken a good while of trying things out to find what works best for me as well! I decided to start sharing a few of my top picks as we start through this journey very soon! 

Top Picks for Mommy & Baby

For Mommy:

Finding a good foundation has been an extremely difficult take for me. My skin is oily, breaks out super easily and has a peachy tint to it. It seems like every foundation I try either breaks me out, makes my skin even MORE oily or it seems to look orange... no one wants to look like an oompa-loompa right?!
It is no telling how much I've spent on trying out different brands. First off, I'm pretty cheap. I hate to spend a lot on things. After a little persuasion from my best friend, I decided to give BareMinerals a try. Luckily we have a local store and I was able to stop by and be color tested. They ask you a series of questions to find out what kind of coverage you like. I am a full coverage kinda girl. I prefer liquid foundation over a mineral powder but I like to have a nice matte finish as well. I need something that will last me all day and not rub off real easily. If you have a hard time finding the correct color foundation than you should definitely check out bareskin. They have a TON of color options. Its a little pricey BUT its kind of thin and spreads really well. Surprisingly to be so thin it covers very well! Then I use their mineral veil powder over top of it to set it. The Prime Time Foundation Primer is also fabulous. I have used several primers before and once was enough for me. They left my face feeling so greasy and broke out. They were all clear, thick and goopy. This primer however looked different. It was thin and a yellowish color. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and it has yet to break out my skin. I have tried many products by Bare Minerals besides theses and I have absolutely LOVED everything I have tried. It is definitely worth the few extra bucks! 

For Baby:

I absolutely LOVE handmade children's clothes. Since I found out that I was expecting and then having a baby girl, I've been browsing Etsy searching for the perfect outfits! I stumbled across Shelby Jane & Co and instantly fell in love. Her outfits are adorable and her prices are wonderful! I also received another dress from her shop as a gift from a family member and I love that one just as much! I chose the dress above as our baby girl's coming home dress. I can't wait to put it on her! I'll definitely be making plenty more purchases from her shop! 

We absolutely love these bandana bibs here at The Married Life Blog. First off, aren't they the cutest? I love the adorable style and variety of fun patterns that they come available in! I also love that they are made of organic cotton. Its always nice to know that the products you use on your little one are made from the best materials! You can read the rest of our product review here:

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