PiggyPockets Review & Giveaway

Baby shoes are absolutely one of my favorite things! They are so tiny and always look so cute! 
JacSacs & PiggyPockets sent us one of their adorable little pairs of shoes to review.

I chose to review the beautiful Melon Floral Polka Dots pattern.
I loved the beautiful bright colors. Just perfect in time for Spring! 

Just look at how cozy they look!
They are made of premium designer cottons & lined with soft white fleece. There's an elastic band in the heel to keep them in place! The bottom of the shoes are made of a soft, tan faux suede.

My sweet little girl loved her PiggyPockets!

There are so many fun patterns to choose from! They even offer collegiate PiggyPockets!

I just love the Whale Whimsy & Bow Ties and Argyle Patterns!

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Natural Kids Clothing- Dress Review

Since we had our little girl Sophia, I have become such a sucker for handmade clothes. I love how each piece is stitched with love. Even more, I love the details that they include! The quality of each piece of clothing is also perfect!

Natural Kids Clothing sent us one of their adorable little dresses to review. I was so excited to be able to work with them! They have the most adorable items in their shop! Their clothing is also made of cotton and organic cotton.

From the moment I pulled this dress from the package, I was in LOVE! The woodland pattern was so unique and adorable. I love all the colors and I love the red and green polka dotted patterns that lined the bottom of the dress. The red bow added the perfect touch!

Natural Kids Clothing has so many fun pieces to choose from! Here are a few of my favorites from their Shop:

I love how unique this dress is! 

How cute is this bathing suit? I love the cherries and ruffles that give it that vintage feel.

Loving what you see so far? Well guess what? 
Natural Kids Clothing is giving away a $30 AUD voucher for their Etsy Shop!
(That equals $23.82 in US Currency!)

4th Generation Designs- Headband & Necklace Review & Giveaway

I love being able to help support small businesses. Whether its through a product review/giveaway or purchase, I love to help them get their name out there. I was a little extra excited about working with 4th Generation Designs because they are local! 

4th Generation Designs graciously sent us a beautiful headband and necklace to review for them. 
I love how dainty and vintage both pieces are.

My sweet baby girl reviewed the beautiful coral headband.

I absolutely LOVE the little pearls nestled inside of the coral rose. Its the perfect touch! 
The beautiful coral rose is made of fabric and the leaves are made of felt. The flower is also attached to felt on the back so that its extra gentle.

It was the perfect size on her tiny little head. I think she looks quite pleased with it and it matched her little outfit perfectly! 
Mommy also received this gorgeous coral pendant necklace to review.

I love anything vintage and especially love the color coral. 

I love how my daughter and I can match with my pendant necklace and her coral rose headband!

4th Generation Designs has lots of awesome things in their shop!
Here are a few of my favorites!

4th Generation Designs is giving away a headband and necklace set to one lucky reader! Be sure and enter below for a chance to win!
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Girls' Dreams by Juliana Franco- Maternity Sash & Newborn Tie Back Review

Right before our sweet little Sophia was born, Girls' Dreams by Juliana Franco sent us a beautiful maternity sash and newborn tie back to review. I was SO excited about these items! Our maternity session was coming up and I knew that the maternity sash would be perfect! Both items were also designed using our nursery colors- coral and turquoise. 

I'm absolutely in love with this beautiful maternity sash. I love the combination of our colors and I absolutely love the beautiful details such as the beautiful lace flower in the center, the coral beads and the silky flowers. It was absolutely perfect and made a great addition to my maternity session!

The beautiful newborn tie back also included beautiful details and was designed to match the maternity sash.

This beautiful tie back, like the maternity sash, also includes beautiful beading and bright silky flowers. Its attached to a band that can be tied to fit your little one's head perfectly!

Love what you see? Be sure to check out their Etsy Shop! They are more than headbands and maternity sashes! I absolutely love this First Mother's Day Onesie Set!

I love their adorable 4th of July things!

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Girls' Dreams by Juliana Franco

Mommy Must Haves

When expecting your first child, you really aren't 100% sure what you are really going to need. There are all kinds of neat products, but do you really need them? Since our little bit was born I have come to find particular items most useful so I thought I may share some of those with you!

Price $118 
Pattern Shown: Clementine (Current Sale Price $82.60)

My absolute favorite thing about this diaper bag is the built in diaper changing station. It definitely comes in handy when your out and about or when they are at the baby sitters. The changing pad snaps on so it can easily be removed for convenience and to be washed as well. There are also nice little pockets in the station area, perfect for storing diaper rash ointment, diapers, etc.

Sale Price $34.99
Pattern Shown: Forest Mist

Boy has this thing come in handy. I decided to go with the Mombo brand vs. the Boppy Brand mainly because of price. The Mombo was quite a bit cheaper AND it vibrates. I'm all for the little "extras" that come with things! Our first night home, our little one was NOT happy sleeping in her co-sleeper. During our hospital stay, they did something called "Kangaroo Care" where the newborn was swaddled and constantly placed on mom's chest. She was so spoiled to sleeping on my chest that she couldn't sleep flat. We tried everything that night. Finally we placed her Mombo in her co-sleeper, turned on the vibrator, swaddled her and placed her in it. Worked like a charm! I don't know what we would have done without this!

Price $29.99

This is one of those items that I'm sure many moms go without. However, I decided it was probably a necessity. What baby enjoys a cold wipe to the tush in the middle of the night when they are half asleep? This has definitely made diaper changing time much easier! 

Price $119.99

My Sophia loves her swing. Now that she's 3 weeks old, she's starting to see things and is interested in bright objects. Its also nice because it gives mommy a break to fold laundry, do dishes or work on some other household chores. There are so many different kinds of swings to choose from now a days. 

Sale Price $12.00
 Sophia loves being swaddled, especially at bedtime. I received a pack of these at our baby shower and they work wonderful! They are the perfect size for swaddling and they are great for a thin blanket on a cool summer night.

Hazel and Holly- Review & Giveaway

Shortly before our little girl was born, we received some adorable little items for review from Hazel and Holly. As soon as I opened the package, I was in love. They were the most adorable pieces ever. I couldn't wait for our Sophia to arrive just so I could dress her up!

Hazel and Holly specializes in creating unique and comfy clothes and accessories for the modern trendy baby. All of their proceeds go towards adoption fundraisers as well!

I absolutely love the leggings that we received! Our little girl is super tiny and short. These leggings fit her perfectly and were great in length! I also loved the matching headband!

I absolutely love these headbands and how gentle and comfy they are on her head.

She also sent us these absolutely adorable Harem Pants. How stinkin' cute are these?!

 I love that Hazel and Holly has SO many adorable & fun patterns to choose from!

The final item we received was this super cute baby maxi skirt and headband.
Yes, you read that right.....a maxi skirt for an infant. 
I'm officially in love with this!

Like I mentioned before, Hazel and Holly has SO many super cute patterns and products.
Here are some of my other favorites!

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