Baby Time: DIY Onesies

Expecting our first baby has given me so much inspiration to make lots of fun items for our nursery and sweet little girl. I love how pinterest gives me such great ideas but my list of things to make is never ending! My first DIY project was embellished onesies. These are such fun, simple and affordable projects and the possibilities are endless! 

All you need to get started are a few onesies, fabric glue and whatever items you'd like to use to embellish them. 

The colored sheets are felt from my local craft store. I also had some other items that I dug out of my craft box such as some chiffon flowers and fabric scraps. 

This was my first creation. I was able to create a bib style design by cutting out scallop shapes from the felt and using fabric glue to secure it.

With my second onesie, I decided to try a monogram using some scrap material that I had. I actually found this material on the clearance rack at Joannes. I thought it was the cutest and bought it for one of those projects down the road. For my letter "S", I didn't have any stencils so I drew one out on some cardstock and cut it out to use as a stencil. I then flipped my material onto the back, turned the "S" backwards and traced it. This made is much simpler to cut out!

Once I decided how I wanted it, I applied fabric glue to the back in small portions and laid it on the onesie. I added a little golden colored bow I had to give it that extra little cuteness. Later I believe I'll brush some fabric modge podge over the letter so keep the fabric from fraying on the edges. I think this is my favorite onesie I have done so far!

This onesie was much simpler to throw together. I just applied a few rosettes that I had with fabric glue.

I had so much fun putting together these little onesies today. You could also do the same sort of things with bibs and gowns! I'd love to see what ideas you come up with! If you have a fun DIY project you'd like to share with us, please send us an email at

Our Little Bundle of Joy: 24 Weeks

The weeks are flying by and we're getting more and more anxious to meet our sweet little girl!

In the past week, we were able to get both of our registries completed. Now we're ready to get that nursery put together! We decided on the color scheme coral and turquoise. My goal is for our nursery to be as DIY as possible. I've got lots of fun plans in store and can't wait to share them on the blog! 

We're also open to product reviews and giveaways! We'd love to share any and all baby products with our readers! 

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Hope to hear from you all!

Lilla Lamm Onesie Review and Coupon Code

With our little bundle of joy on the way, I was excited to have the opportunity to work with Lilla Lamm and review a few of their adorable onesies. 


 The onesies are packaged in these adorable little boxes and also include a magnet.

I love how totally unique these adorable little onesies are! Each onesie has an animal on it and features ways to say that animal in different languages.

These onesies are made of 100% cotton and are made in small batches of 100. I love how soft these onesies are and I LOVE how the little sleeves are made. 

My adorable little niece Savannah modeled one of my favorites!

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Boy or Girl? What will it be?

Since having a baby was brought up in the Parker residence, I had known for years that I wanted to have a gender reveal party. Thanks to pinterest, there are lots of fun and exciting things to do to celebrate your little one. I wanted our gender announcement to be more than just a simple text or phone call to our family & close friends. Our party was simple but it was definitely a very special day! Here are just a few things I did to make it our own.

The Cupcakes

At most gender reveal parties, the only one who knows the gender is the one baking the cake/cupcakes, etc. That was our original plan. However, the day before the appointment we decided to find out.
We still had one of our close friends from Sarah's Cuppycake Boutique to make our cupcakes for the announcement. Our cupcakes were a yummy yellow cake filled with a bright pink cream center! Lots of yummy icing was piled on top so no one could see the inside! Each cupcake was topped off with an adorable bow or mustache topper made by the lovely StickAdoodles on Etsy. 

The Marshmallow Pops

I knew I wanted something else sugary to go alongside the cupcakes. While browsing pinterest, I came across these adorable marshmallow pops and knew they'd be perfect and simple to make!
All you need is a few simple things: paper straws or sucker sticks, large marshmallows, almond bark to melt and your favorite sprinkles. 
Melt the almost bark in 15 second intervals, stirring in between until completely melted. 
Put your marshmallow on the straw and dip into the almost bark. This was a trial and error thing for us. If you dip the whole thing, you end up with lots of dripping. We found the best method was just dipping the top half. Decorate with sprinkles. Mason jars worked perfectly to hold them!

Pink or Blue?

I wanted my guests to be able to cast their "vote." 
For this we just simply painted the outside of clothespins. We did half of them pink and half of them blue. I also created a chalkboard with "old wives tales" describing different symptoms I was having. Most of our guests chose blue.

We had a wonderful time at our party! I can't wait for our next upcoming events to celebrate our sweet baby girl! 

Tops For Two Product Review

Before I got pregnant, I was always coming across the cutest maternity t-shirts. I couldn't wait till I was expecting so that I could have all kinds of fun tops! After my husband and I found out we were pregnant, I couldn't wait to start my collection. 

I was so excited when I came across Tops for Two. They have the cutest things!
I chose to review a simpler style of t-shirt- one with the due date month on it.

I was so excited when I got my new shirt in! I was very impressed right off! I was expecting more of a thin t-shirt material. This shirt is made of 100% ring-spun cotton. It was thicker than your typical t-shirt and very soft! The print also has a suede like feel to it!
I ordered a size small and wondered if I should have gotten it a bit bigger to have room to grow but when I tried it on, I had plenty of extra room! 

They have so many adorable t-shirts! I can't wait to add more to my collection, especially during the holidays!

How adorable is this for Thanksgiving!? 

Love this for Halloween!!
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Unfinished Wood Co: Review & Giveaway

I absolutely LOVE crafting and DIY projects of all kinds. Adding your own special touch to each project just makes it so special. Unfinished Wood Co. sent us one of their great unfinished pieces to review. I chose the monogram pineapple. During the summer, our house consists of lots of beach decor and this was the perfect addition! I couldn't wait to get it in the mail and get started. I was already imaging lots of bright colors!

Its made of .5" thick Baltic Birch Plywood and is sanded smooth and ready to finish! 
My husband has been such a big help during my pregnancy! I told him what I wanted and he painted it for me. I wanted something bright and colorful to go on our porch.

I think he did a fabulous job! I'd like to add a little accessory or something fun to it but I just haven't quite found the perfect thing yet! In the near future I'd like make a little bar and have a fun little tropical type area to have fun with friends and family and I know everyone will love my new addition! 

Unfinished Wood Co. has TONS of different items to choose from. Here are just a few of my favorites!

Unfinished Wood Co. is always giving away one of my favorites to 1 lucky reader!

This adorable pumpkin monogram (valued at $23.99) comes unfinished and ready to be fixed up! 
The possibilities are endless! This is one of my favorite creations from their website!

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It's Sew Princes: Bow Product Review & Giveaway



I am a sucker for all things girly, especially hair accessories. I may be 24, but I sure to love an adorable bow or headband myself!  It's Sew Princess sent us one of their adorable bows to review.

It's Sew Princess sent us one of their adorable stacked My Little Pony Bows to review. 
Erin, one of our "little reviewers", reviewed the bow. 

Erin absolutely LOVED this adorable bow! I myself was definitely impressed with the amazing quality of the bow! I love how full and colorful the bow is.

The stacked bows are actually set on a base bow!
There are lots of fun designs available on her etsy page! I especially love the holiday bows!

It's Sew Princess offers much more than just bows! Here are a few of my other favorite items!

These fun chunky necklaces make the perfect addition to any outfit!
My favorite thing from their Etsy shop is their absolutely adorable boutique style outfits!
If my little turns out to be a girl, I may be shopping this page quite often :]

It's Sew Princess is graciously giving away one of their beautiful Christmas headbands to one of our lucky readers! Its easy to enter! Just use the app below.

Welcoming Baby Parker

I am super excited to share that my husband and I are expecting an addition to our little family! We will be a family of 3 as of March 2015!

I am excited to expand our blog to be about more than just "married life." This is our first child so I look forwards to sharing our experience as well as getting advice from other mommies!

We will also be welcoming product reviews for new mommies and of course little ones very soon! If you have a product you'd like to have reviewed, please let us know!

FUZi Review & Giveaway

Through the past year, I've done lots of fabulous reviews but I have to say that this one has been one of the most unique reviews I've done! FUZi (pronounced "foozie") has given a new twist to "ice cubes"!

These FUZi spheres are absolutely amazing! Its easy to create your own frozen sphere!

Just add your favorite liquid in the sphere through the small hole on top. I used water for mine (simple I know but I just love a glass of ice water). After you fill it up, set it in your freezer for a few hours.

Once its ready you can usually tell where the liquid usually expands when frozen.

Once your ready to use your FUZi ice sphere, just pull it apart and add to your favorite beverage!

 Get creative with FUZi Ice Spheres! Use your favorite soda, juice, alcohol or even fruit! I think I may try adding strawberries next! Yum!

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Just Get Pampered Giveaway

We love giveaways here at The Married Life Blog and we're super excited about this one!

Just Get Pampered is giving away an adorable bag to one lucky winner!

The classic, never go out of style mint chevron messenger bag will add a splash of wow to every outfit!
There are 2 interior pockets and one exterior pocket underneath the front flap. The shell is a sturdy cotton canvas and features an interior magnetic closure. The strap is adjustable so it can be worn as a traditional shoulder bag or across the body.
These purses can be monogrammed, or you can have your name embroidered!
The purse measures 9 ½” wide by 10” tall by 3” deep.

Mandy's Story ~ Hand Stamped Jewelry & Giveaway

Just a few days ago, I came across Mandy's beautiful jewelry through groopdealz. I loved how unique and fun her pieces were. After talking to her a bit, we thought it might be fitting to share her story. Mandy is also offering a great giveaway! You can enter to win at the end of the blog post!

My name is Mandy Lee. 

 I am the creator of Allyson Design Hand stamped Jewelry. But getting to this point was a long road. Sometimes exciting, sometimes confusing, sometimes discouraging. 
                                   My husband, Michael and I will be married for 16 years this August 2014. 

He and I both worked full time and when I became pregnant with our first child, I found a job as a church secretary part time. It was a great place to work. They even let me bring Brandon, my first born to work with me. 

Then a few years later, Chad Austin was born. He also came to work with me, but was a huge handful unlike his older brother and it made it difficult to work with a toddler that had the mentality of his way or the highway. 

When I became pregnant the 3rd time, my husband I prayed and made the decision for me to quit my job and stay home with the children. There was no way I could care for 3 children in an office. One of which was very spirited and the other a new born. 

I had worked at the church for 7 years and was bittersweet to leave but knew it was the right choice. About a month after leaving what had been the perfect job, I suffered a miscarriage and lost my baby. I was devastated to say the least. Not only for the loss of my child but also the loss of a perfect job. Why do things like this happen? Well I've learned that my human brain cannot comprehend Gods perfect plan for my life. 

About 2 months later, I became pregnant again. Only this time was different. Not only was I pregnant with one baby, but I was pregnant with 2. Awe, see God did know what he was doing. He knew I wouldn't have been able to work with 3 let alone 4. During my pregnancy the shock never quite wore off that there were 2!! 2 babies!! Having 2 boys already, I prayed that god would give me 1 girl at least so I wouldn't be totally out numbered. God did grant that. He gave me my son, Matthew and my first and only daughter, Allyson. 

The season of life when you are raising small children is tough stuff! You loose who that person you used to be is. It's a good day if you can jump in the shower. But most of the time I was changing poopy diapers and cleaning spit up off of myself constantly. Not to mention I had my older boys 3 and 7 to tend to. 

My 2nd son, Chad Austin was born a typical happy child. After 12 months he quit talking to us.  He stopped responding to his name. He threw tantrums. He refused to be put in a stroller or shopping buggy. He was a handful to say the least. I didn't understand why he had changed from this happy little boy to someone I didn't recognize. Then one day I read something. It was talking about lining up matchbox cars and a red flag. Red flag?? For what? I kept researching. Red flag for the dreaded A word....Autism. I didn't know much about it at the time, but the more I researched, the more they were describing my sweet baby.

 Mama bear took over and I became a woman on a mission. An obsessed, knowledge thirsty crazy person! I stayed up nights researching  the net, reading books, talking with other parents. I got Chad into cognitive therapy 2 times a week in our home and also speech therapy in our home. I also would take him 3 times a week to the hospital for private speech therapy. I loaded up my twins in a tandem stroller, my oldest son, Brandon and Chad even when temps were scorching hot or freezing cold. I learned how to do my own therapy for him that I could not afford to pay someone to do. I prayed A Lot!!! What other hope did I have? My baby was fully autistic at the age of 2.

After therapy and a regimen of vitamins, minerals and fish oils started to reach him and pull him out of the black hole of autism, I was able to start thinking of ways I could help bring in extra money. The burden financially was solely on my hard working husband. He was going to school full time to get his bachelors, then is masters degree while working full time and also a part time youth pastor. Not to mention dealing with the chaos at home with a special needs child, baby twins and an eldest son that seemed to learn to do his own thing because mom and dad were so preoccupied trying to "cure" our son and make ends meet. Update on Chad: he is 9 years old and will be in 4th grade. He is a great student, very smart and the most loving child. He loves people and life! He's my hero! He has overcome so many obstacles. Even though he has Aspergers, if I didn't tell you, you would never know:)

I started to pray what I could do. Jewelry! God said! I said no way I'm so not creative. I cannot do that. So I prayed and prayed and after wrestling with God, I finally thought I should be obedient and at least try. After all, God is God. He's perfect. No mistakes. And I? Well I'm not so much. 

I started Allyson Design in September 2010. I started doing bottle cap jewelry, photo jewelry, some beading, all of which were really time consuming. So I started to you tube videos and taught my self how to hand stamp metal. At first it was pretty pathetic, but I kept at it and eventually got the craft down. Never would I have ever believed I would have so much passion for hammering metal! It's not just that, it goes deeper for me. It means something to people. It sparks emotion with people. It makes them happy. It brings them comfort. And that is a ministry in itself for me.

 Yes I do get paid for my services, but my prices are very modest. As a stay at home mom on a budget, I understand how hard it is to buy a non budgeted expenditure. That's why I strive to give the very best quality products at the very best prices that everyone, no matter what situation you are in can afford to have a piece of jewelry that means so much. 

Customer service is HUGE for me!! I've ordered from companies that once they received payment, I was on my own. That is the far opposite of what my business stands for. Even after the sale ends, if ever a piece is lost or broken, I want to know about it. I need to make it right. Kind of like Vidal Sassoon motto: if you don't look good, we don't look good. I started a Facebook page and have a great following with repeat customers and that speaks volumes to me. Since the end of 2013, I have been selling product on and and that has enabled me to make amazing contacts and meet wonderful people. I really do have the best customers. I take care of them, because without them, I wouldn't be allowed to do what I do from home and work around my families schedule. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. Please check out my facebook page and check out everything Allyson Design has to offer.  I love designing new pieces and I work closely with my customers to take their ideas and bring them to life. 

Thanks again for reading,
Mandy Lee of Allyson Design

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This is a hand stamped necklace with a 1" aluminum disc stamped with God gave me you topped with a precious silver puffy heart charm. Comes with 2 rectangle aluminum pieces for 2 separate names. Hangs from a sterling silver ball or bamboo chain. Aluminum is 1100 pure grade. It will not rust or tarnish and will be a piece to treasure for a lifetime.