Verena Lingerie Review

Frederick, Maryland

I am very excited to share this wonderful company with you ladies!
We do lots of reviews but this one is something new for the blog. Being that our blog consists of majority women, I felt this would be a fun one to offer!

I wanted to share this little bit of information about Verena Lingerie from her Rely Local listing.

Verena is a home base lingerie provider which offers labels, styles and sizes that are currently unavailable in the Frederick area, therefore filling a void which exists between Victoria Secret, Soma and the department stores.

 My goal is to give the discriminating lingerie shopper what she is looking for whether it is fit, comfort or style. Being a woman with a large size breast myself, I know how difficult it can be to find a beautiful well fitted bra. Verena carries bras ranging from sizes 30B to 50N, department stores very rarely have anything larger than a 40DD so a smaller built woman with a large breast is forced to buy a bigger band sizes and not the correct cup size, therefore not giving her the support that she needs.

Women should be fitted yearly and bras should be replaced at least once a year, bras wear out and our bodies change over the years. Wearing a well supported bra helps to prevent premature sagging, improves posture, prevents back and shoulder pain and also makes you appear slimmer.

Are you located in the Frederick, Maryland area? Verena specializes in custom bra fittings! Let her help you find the perfect size!

Sherva at Verena Lingerie sent me the most adorable set to review for you ladies.

Its the most beautiful red set with creamish colored polka dots and the daintiest little pink rose accented the bra and panties.

I loved how the set fit! It always seems that whenever I purchase a new bra, it always rubs be around the band or the straps. I was amazed at how comfortable this bra was!....and how super cute it was!
Verena carries many brands of lingerie such as:

 Affinitas Intimates



 Le Mystere


Knockout Panties




Body Wrap

Let Verena Lingerie Help you with all your Lingerie Needs!

Verena Lingerie
Frederick, Maryland

Adore LOGO Designs Product Review

I have been wanting a unique logo for The Married Life Blog for quite some time now. I'd try to create my own, but they just weren't exactly what I wanted.

I wanted unique, colorful, whimsical and something that just said "Married Life"
I was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Adore LOGO Designs!
It was SO simple for her to create the perfect one!
I just answered a series of questions about what I wanted, colors I wanted to include, my goals, etc.

Just like that, she sent me two samples the next morning!

I loved them both but as you can tell, I chose the bottom one :)
I just LOVED the little birds! Its exactly what I had been wanting!

Do you need a logo for your page? 
A great logo is the key to grabbing the attention of new fans!
Check out some others that she's done:

~ LOVE how super cute these balloons are!~

Let Adore LOGO Designs help you create the perfect Logo for your business!

Adore LOGO Designs

Pure Romance Review

Andrea with Pure Romance contacted me recently about doing a product review. 
I was SO excited! My first review from Pure Romance. 
I've always been curious about those products and wondered how well they worked.
Andrea sent me a sample of the Sensations warming lubricant. 

This warming lubricant is perfect for a simple message and it smells amazing! 
Just like strawberries! 
It also warms as its being massaged on!
Unlike most lubricants, it didn't leave a sticky feeling.
This lubricant is sure to spice up your nights with your man!

This lubricant is also available in hot butter rum and Peppermint Patty!

Pure Romance also has some other products that looked really neat and I'd love to give a try!

Coochy Shave Cream

Hot Heart Massager

To Contact Andrea and purchase your products:

Andrea Carter

Cherry Walls Product Review

Here lately I have noticed that the vinyl wall decor has become extremely popular! I love the way they look and I've been dying to try them out, especially since we bought our new home. The one thing I worried about was the fact that we have textured walls. I was told that you could still still use them, you just have to give them some "extra love"

Needless to say, I was super excited when I talked with Cherry Walls about doing a product review.
She allowed me to choose a monogram to review.

I chose the Monogram Initial Circle Wall Decal.
When It came in the mail, I couldn't wait to open it up! I had the perfect spot planned for it.
My husband helped me out with this project :)

I think it looks beautiful! Its perfect right inside the front door of our home!
It was easy to apply as well. As you can see from the first picture with my husband, you just press the application against the wall and rub it on! One we removed the plastic piece it was stuck to, we had to rub it a little more to make sure it was stuck really good to our textured walls.

I love how elegant these simple decorations look and now I've got several other places that I think one would look perfect!

Cherry walls has tons of awesome vinyl expressions to choose from, Here are a few that caught my eye:

To See more of the decals they have to offer and purchase your own:

Cherry Walls

Peter Pauper Press Giveaway

If you just saw my review earlier, you can see how amazing Peter Pauper Press is!
You can now win the same wonderful address book in butterflies that I got to review!
This giveaway will end this Saturday night at midnight and the winner will be chosen on Sunday :)

Good luck!

Peter Pauper Press Review

I am very excited to be working with Peter Pauper Press with product reviews and promoting their wonderful company. Peter Pauper Press specialized in all kinds of wonderful types of stationary as well as ipad and kindle covers!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was sent an address book. 
I chose the butterflies pattern to review.
I was SO excited when I received the book in the mail. It was SO pretty!

I loved the details of the beautiful butterflies and flowers that were decorating the book!
I cannot wait to start adding in all my contacts! This will be my first address book for my husband and I (kinda sad, I know) since we got married in 2010.

Peter Pauper Press also has many other wonderful products!
Here are a few of my favorites:


Tablet Cover

Travel Guides

Moms Weekly Planner

To Check out more of the wonderful products that Peter Pauper Press has to offer and purchase your own:

Peter Pauper Press

Sprinkled with Paper Giveaway!

Julie at Sprinkled with Paper is giving away her Printable St. Patrick's Day Luck Collections to two of our followers! All you need to do is like her on Facebook AND leave a comment suggesting a party theme for their next collection! When you have done both of those things, please come back here and comment that you did those things :) Julie will be choosing her winners via! 

Maxima Rejuvenation Product Review

Did you know that you should start focusing on your skin and aging beginning at the age 20! 
I know I'm just 22 years old and my skin looks fine right now. However, its never too soon to begin preventing those wrinkles!

Erica from Maxima sent me a new little book about their products and what they do. It also included this really neat list of age categories and what you should be focusing on.

20's: Wear Antioxidant Serum under your sunscreen
Using Maxima's Rejuvenating Sunscreen you can minimize free-radicals damage that will later contribute to wrinkles

30's: Its time for Retinol!
Add a little retinol to promote collagen production

40's: Add Peptides
Peptides provide an anti-agin effect that can lead to healthy looking skin!

50's +: Switch to a more soothing cream as necessary

Erica sent me a sample of the Radiant Exfoliating Scrub.

I LOVED this scrub! My favorite part was the smell. It was so clean and refreshing and It almost left a cool feeling on my skin! I loved how the particles in the scrub were very tiny so they weren't too rough when you were applying it. Some scrubs almost hurt when you use them! My skin felt so smooth and soft after just one use!!!

Maxima also has some amazing other products that are a must have!

Sunscreen SPF 30
Silicon Scar Gel
Gentle Daily Cleanser
Super Vitamin C Skin Care
Night Renewal Cream
Firm and Fade Cream
Biopeptide Mask
Advanced Wrinkle Cream

To find out more about Maxima or to get your own products:

Erica Schramm, Founder
Maxima Skin Care, LLC.

Discovery Toys Review

My name is Bridget and I have a 3 month old daughter. She is full of energy and loves exciting, new toys. We recently had the opportunity to review the See and Learn Monkey from Discovery Toys. My little girl LOVES the monkey. Her favorite 2 things about the monkey is the "crinkly" ears and the mirror on his belly! Granted, she loves anything that she can put in her mouth, I could tell this toy would be a favorite because of the BRIGHT colors it offered to her young, wondering eyes! She smiles everytime I stick the monkey in front of her, and we were very pleased to review such a great toy!!

Discovery Toys also makes many more amazing toys for all ages!
Here are some that caught my eye :)

Go Go Caterpillar

Hammer Away!

**Product Review done by Co-Blogger Bridget & Daughter Maci**

To learn more about Discovery Toys or to place an order, contact:
Lori Whitehurst

Guest Blogger: Organizing Your Pantry

My name is Cindy from So the Cook Said.  I love thrifting, decorating, spray painting, and organizing.
When we moved into our new home in July, I was so excited about certain features of our new home. One of my favorite places was the kitchen pantry! Finally, I had a place to store our food in an organized, out-of-the-cupboards way.

But almost 7 months later, I was getting a little frustrated with the beloved pantry.

The shelves, although roomy are extremely deep. I had put a lazy-susan on one shelf to help with my spice containers.

But overall I had a hard time seeing just what I had on hand.  The poor top shelf was just a pile. 

It was time for a change – so, we took a trip to IKEA (my go-to place for all organizational needs). We measured the pantry, being careful to write down all the dimensions. I like to know all the details before exploring our options. I also entered the magical land of IKEA with an open mind. I
wasn’t tied down to only looking at kitchen solutions. Most of IKEA ‘s products can be used for multiple functions. On this trip, I also purchased some recycling containers that I plan to use in a totally different way in our basement

My husband loves the display floor at IKEA – Jeremiah, being the curious guy that he is, opens all drawers, cupboards and cabinets. Eventually, in the closet section, we found the perfect solution.

The ANTONIUS shelving unit fit our pantry measurements exactly. The frame for the 4 drawer structure was only $9.99. There were two different options for drawers – plastic bins or wire baskets. I chose the wire baskets so that I could easily see what was in each drawer. The baskets were $2.50 each.

We removed one of the shelves from the pantry, and my husband quickly assembled the shelving unit.
It was a perfect fit.

Now it was time to reorganize our food. My kitchen counters were piled high with pantry items.

Although my counters looked like a grocery store conveyor belt, it was the perfect opportunity to sort and rethink placement in the pantry. 

The baskets, even though they are made for clothes closets, were the perfect sizes. Cake mix boxes on their side fit.

Spice containers stand easily in the basket – I may be adding some easy to read labels to the top of the containers.

After packing the baskets, I was sad to pile up all the leftover foods on that huge top shelf. There had to be another way. Jeremiah put in another shelf for me, maximizing the space at the top of the closet. Much better!

It was the perfect amount of space to store my coupon stock of ranch and mustard.

I had previously purchased a few other items that made the pantry super functional. My pot lid hanger from IKEA screwed to the door works perfectly. In our previous apartment, I had this on the inside of a cabinet door. Sad to say, I do not think IKEA sells this any more. But I'm sure there are other similar solutions out there.

Next to my pot rack is a simple wreath hook -  I purchased it at Dollar General a while back when Christmas items were 90% off. 10 cents for an over the door hook that holds my aprons and sometimes lunchboxes.

To hold my plastic bags, IKEA has an inexpensive solution. RATIONELL VARIERA comes in multiple colors for just $1.99.

I was pleased with the transformation, but still needed a solution for my cans.

 Walmart had pop can organizers for just $5.97. I purchased 2, stacking them to the right of the shelving unit.

I placed the larger cans on the top.

To finish the pantry and add a decorative element, I decided to attach some labels to the wire drawer.

 I am obsessed with the $1 section at Michael’s – They had adorable vintage looking frames. The only problem was the fact that they were purple.

I love bright colors, but purple does not match my red kitchen. After a little red spray paint and some printed labels, I was giddy with excitement over my adorably organized pantry.  Printing the words on graph paper added a little more sparkle. Using zip-ties, Jeremiah helped me to attach the little frames directly to the wire baskets.

They difference is significant – and I must admit that I am more excited to cook dinner each night. I know where each ingredient is – and I am more aware of those items that have been hiding in the back of the deep pantry.  After adding the organizational elements, I was able to store twice as much stuff in the pantry.  So, if you are feeling that you need more room, you may just need more organizational tools.  And this is definitely cheaper than tearing out walls and building new kitchens.

Pantry Makeover Cost:
ANTONIUS shelving unit frame  (IKEA)                         $9.99
4 Wire Baskets  (IKEA)                                                  $2.50 each
Added shelf (used wood from shelf removed)             FREE
4 Vintage Frames (Michaels)                                       $1.00 each
High Gloss Red Spray Paint (on-hand)                         FREE
Zip Ties to attach frames                                             On-Hand
Bag Organizer ($1.99 IKEA)                                          On-Hand
Pot Lid Holder  (IKEA)                                                   On-Hand
2 Pop Can Organizer (Walmart)                                   $5.97 each
                                                TOTAL                           $35.93

This project has also got me searching for more deep caverns that need organized – all it takes is a little creativity and a little help from IKEA (Read about my last IKEA triphere).