Lilla Rose Product Review

Lilla Rose creates beautiful and unique hair clips, beaded headbands, eyeglass lanyards, and badge holders. They sent us some gorgeous flexi hair clips to review!

There are several things that made me fall in love with these lovely clips!
First of all, their design. Its so unique and brilliant. I always hated struggling trying to get my hair into a barrette. It always seemed like if you had too much hair in it, the clip would pop back open! It always ended up in me flinging the thing across the room or giving up!
I love how simple it is to use these great accessories!

The pin just slides right through the loops!

There are many different neat & fun designs that you can pick from that are perfect to customize your look!

I especially Love the beaded headbands! They are perfect for casual & dressy occasions! 

Are you interested in joining Lilla Rose? 
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Giving of Yourself

My husband and I visited a new church over the weekend. I have to admit, I was more than a little nervous. I've gone to the same church all my life and its hard adjusting to a new church, a new pastor, and a new church family. Its hard walking in and not knowing a soul in there. Thanks to website, facebook, etc...learning more about churches is so much easier. You kind of know all about the place before you even get there.

The first thing you noticed when you walked into the church was the small decorated christmas trees that sat upon the stage. Now had I not visited their facebook page before coming I would have probably thought they were crazy for having Christmas decor up in August.
Thankfully I knew it all tied into the sermon.
Getting to my point, the sermon was about giving. 
Christmas is the season where we should give to others joyfully. Everyone seems to get into that Christmas spirit around the holidays but the truth is, it shouldn't stop there. We should give year round. 
You may be thinking, I don't have the money to give to others. 
Give Yourself.
What can you do that you can offer to others?

Sometimes just a random act of kindness is enough. 
The list is endless of ways that you can help others- wash their car, do odd jobs for them, pump someones gas....the list goes on.

I've had something on my heart here lately and after hearing this sermon, it pushed me to act upon it.
I do photography on the side...all kinds of it- maternity, babies, families and more.
Its really been on my heart here lately to create an organization that provides families with terminally ill members a full family photo session, free of charge. 
My goal through this is to bring a smile and lasting memories to these families by simply offering my service.

What can you Give?

Frame It Up!

Being a photographer, I have tons of photos printed that are just dying to be hung up somewhere in the house, the question to do it without it coming out tacky. 
While browsing a magazine in a doctor's office here lately I came across the idea of creating a photo collage. 
Since I of course couldn't bring the magazine home, I needed a refresher on creating your own collage wall. Leave it to pinterest to get your creativity going!

As you can see there are lots of possibilities in creating your wall collage.
First of yall, your going to need lots of frames!
The best part about this is they don't all need to be the same frames. I found all mine at the local Goodwill Boutique. I found a variety of sizes from wallet sizes to 8x10s. 
After a cheap can of black spray paint I had a nice set of black frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

After you've got your frames, you need to decide on what photos your going to put in them.
Generally, your photos need to have some sort of flow to them. You may decide to have a theme going or you may just choose to have a variety of family photos. Mine will be a mix of family photos.

You may also decide to include little momentos throughout your collage to add a little extra personality!
You may even add a little color and do different colored frames.

Right now, my collage is in the working process. 
Look for a photo soon!

KK Children Designs Product Review

When it comes to children's clothing, I always think handmade is better.
You can tell that they are carefully made and you know that each stitch is sewn with love.
At least thats how it is to founder Peini of KK Children Designs.

She sent us this beautiful dress to review.

When I pulled this sweet little dress out of the package I was instantly amazed at how adorable it was!
I loved the little dalmations! I thought they made it so unique!

As you can see, miss Maci was very happy sporting this sweet little dress!
The dress is made from a very soft medium weight cotton.
The dress also has a nice little lining so that you can't see through it!
I also love the adorable little buttons on the shoulders! 

KK Children Designs also has some other really adorable outfits!

Pillowcase Dresses

Bella Flora Peony Flower Dress

two piece sets


These outfits are too cute!
Head on over and get your own adorable outfits by KK Children Designs!

Fall Product Guide

Its hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner and that excited me because its the beginning of the best time of the year! 
I love decorating for fall!

You can't go wrong with pumpkins, hay bails and scarecrows! 

Starting September 1st, we'll be posting our 2012 Fall Product Guide/Giveaway!
We'll be showcasing some of our sponsor's greatest fall products and even giving away some!

Have some awesome fall products you want to share? 
We'd love to add you to our guide!
Its completely FREE to be a part of it! Just email us a photo of the item you'd like to show and any information you'd like to put with it!
Also include your contact info so they know where to go to make a purchase!
Be sure to let us know if your doing a giveaway as well!

We'd like to have all entries by Sunday August 26th!

Email entries to

KAELA Designs Product Review & Giveaway

KAELA Designs is a mother-daughter project that was started in 2010.
It consists of handmade beach totes & hobo bags.
All of their wonderful products are created in the studio based in San Diego, California.

KAELA Designs send us one of their most popular Brooke Kick bags to review

There is SO much to love about these bags!
The Brook Kick bag includes a 9" acrylic handle or fabric strap and an internal pocket with a cell phone divide. Its also reversible, washable and 100% cotton!

I LOVE the style of this bag! The patterns are fun and sure to draw attention!
I also love how much space these bags have! You may be thinking, how can I find anything in a bag that big??

I love how wide this bag opens up! I had absolutely no trouble finding anything! 

KAELA Designs has several styles of their bags:

The KAELA Karry

The KAELA Katch

The KAELA Kiddo

The KAELA Kruise

Now that your probably dying to get your KAELA gear, there are a few different ways that you can order. Check out their great sites so see more patterns available

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Have you checked out edenfantasys lately?
If not, your missing out! 
edenfantasys carries everything from beautiful lingerie to a variety of bath and body products!
They have something for everyone!
You'll also LOVE their prices! I was shocked at their amazing prices and variety in sizes! They carry a large selection of plus size lingerie!

Right now when you shop their website, you can get 20% off your purchase with the code PLAY20 !
How awesome is that?

What would you get? Here are a few of my favorite items from their site!

Did you know that with edenfantasys you get a FREE gift with your purchase AND FREE shipping on orders over $35! Can't get any better than that!
While your browsing through the many fun products that edenfantasys has on their site, you can read their reviews done by bloggers like me. Its nice to know about the product your buying and how it has worked for others! 

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Cate & Levi Product Review

Here recently I was introduced to Cate & Levi. As I browsed their website, I was immediately attracted to their company.
Cate & Levi create beautiful handmade products for children. They are made from reclaimed wool who's color and textures are individually selected. No two products are the same which ensures that each item is as unique as the child who adopts it!
I am a big advocate for toys that promote imagination and play, kinda like the toys we grew up with.
As a child I spent my times outside playing cars in the dirt with my brother or playing with my Barbies. 
I've noticed lately that some of these newer toys and attractions to children are neither educational nor promote the use of imagination.
This is exactly why I love Cate & Levi!
They create products that do just that! 

Cate & Levi sent us an adorable Pirate Puppet to review.
We had Co-Blogger Adrienne's little boy, Eli to do the reviewing.

"Pete" the Pirate

Eli loves to play pretend and now he can really use his imagination with Pete the Pirate!

Cate & Levi have SO many fun  and unique products to choose from.

If you'd like to purchase your own children's products from Cate & Levi, there are a couple of ways you can reach them

Baby Bird & Bub Bub

Ever since I discovered Subway Art, I have been in love. 
Its such a fun and unique way to decorate your home! They can be customized to fit any style and design. I came across Baby Bird & Bub Bub while browsing Etsy one evening.
They create lots of gorgeous prints that are perfect for your child's nursery, bedroom or playroom!

Baby Bird & Bub Bub sent us this adorable print to review!
Besides the fun colors and precious little phrase, the print really impressed me!
I expected it to come printed on a flimsy photo paper but instead it came printed on a heavy and durable material. Its definitely sure to hold up!

These prints are so much fun! Just put it in a cute little frame and you've got the perfect eye catching piece!

At Baby Bird & Bub Bub, there are lots of fun and adorable prints to choose from!
I am absolutely in LOVE with these custom birth announcement prints!

....and how about this for you little boy's room? Super cute!

This one is perfect to hang anywhere in your home!
I would hang this one in my dining room where my color theme is red and oranges.

The best part of these beautiful prints? 
They are super affordable! The prints above are just $15! A very easy and affordable form of decor that your guests are sure to fall in love with!

Want to snag your own fun prints from Baby Bird & Bub Bub?
Check them out on Facebook or visit them at their Etsy Shop
Be sure to let them know The Married Life Blog sent you!

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