Rendi Product Review

At The Married Life Blog we've been exposed to many different kinds of direct sales companies, all carrying different collections of some wonderful products.
Just weeks ago I was contacted by Teresa from Rendi. I wasn't exactly sure what Rendi designed so I was totally blown away and excited when I headed over to check out her website! 

Rendi makes customizable photo frames, signs, and well decor AND everything is made in the United Sates! Every piece is also environmentally friendly and made of recycled wood and a water based finish. 

Teresa had me send her a photo of my choice and then asked me about the picture I sent so she could design the perfect item!

About a week later, I received this in the mail:

I was SO excited! It was perfect! 
I had no idea what I would be receiving, I just knew it would be including this photo.
I knew exactly where to put it! 
I had this special spot in our bedroom that it looked just perfect in!

Rendi also makes some other really neat gifts!
Here are a few of my favorites!

Contact Teresa today and let her help you design the perfect item for your home!

Teresa HorestaIndependent Rendi Stylist

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