Discovery Toys Review

My name is Bridget and I have a 3 month old daughter. She is full of energy and loves exciting, new toys. We recently had the opportunity to review the See and Learn Monkey from Discovery Toys. My little girl LOVES the monkey. Her favorite 2 things about the monkey is the "crinkly" ears and the mirror on his belly! Granted, she loves anything that she can put in her mouth, I could tell this toy would be a favorite because of the BRIGHT colors it offered to her young, wondering eyes! She smiles everytime I stick the monkey in front of her, and we were very pleased to review such a great toy!!

Discovery Toys also makes many more amazing toys for all ages!
Here are some that caught my eye :)

Go Go Caterpillar

Hammer Away!

**Product Review done by Co-Blogger Bridget & Daughter Maci**

To learn more about Discovery Toys or to place an order, contact:
Lori Whitehurst

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