Spring is for Cupcakes

Spring always makes me think of Cupcakes
Although I don't care much to eat them (shocker...i know), I LOVE to make them and decorate them!
What better place to find fun and creative ideas than Pinterest!

Defining Happiness

Not long after my husband and I were married, I purchased "Night Light", a couple's devotional written by Dr. James & Shirley Dobson.

When I was searching for a devotional, I had a specific idea in mind of what I wanted. I wanted something conversational. This is the perfect devotional to spark up an in depth and heart felt conversation with your husband or wife.
The other day, I was flipping through and came across this one segment that really caught my eye.

What you have observed by looking around your social circles is born out by the numbers: According to nearly every relevant statistic, the institute of marriage is in serious trouble.
The council on Families in America reports that half of first marriages are likely to end in divorce. The National Center for Health Statistics tells us that the number of Americans choosing to marry is declining. And Brent Barlow, professor of family sciences at Brigham Young University, says that if cohabitation and divorce trends continue, "married" could become a minority status within ten years.
Obviously, millions of couples who were once deeply in love and believed they were wonderfully suited for each other are seeing their marriages fall apart. If you and your spouse are going to beat the odds, you will need to bring dedication and hard work into your relationship.
Does this challenge seem more like a threat than a promise? We have good news. First, couples who are willing to invest in their relationship will find the greatest fulfillment and meaning that life has to offer. That is the promise of a godly marriage. Statistics bear this fact out too! Second, you need not try to beat the odds alone. In fact, you were never meant to.

Are you married? Do not seek a divorce.
1 Corinthians 7:27

At the end of each little segment there are always a couple of questions for you and your partner to discuss. One question reads, "What specifically does having a "happy Marriage" mean to you?"

One word that defines happiness is joy.
To me, happiness is all of the things, even the small things, that make you feel all warm inside. The moments that make you smile.
Sometimes its just a smile or a sweet look he gives me, a greeting at the door when I get home or surprising me by fixing dinner. I believe with many couples right now, communication is the biggest issue. You can just run away from or ignore your problems. Praying and talking it out is the way to go.
No one ever said married life was easy, its something you have to work at everyday and you'll get out of it what you put into it.

April ~ Autism Awareness Month

April is national Autism Awareness month.
Did you know that several of our sponsors offer products in support of Autism awareness?

NxN Centsations creates custom pendants from coins (dime, nickel, quarter, and half dollar) engraved with the Autism Speaks Puzzle Piece.
We love creating these because this is a family issue that our beautiful relatives deal with every day. They are strong, creative and brave individuals that take one day at time and love their children endlessly! 

If customers order this bracelet a portion of the proceeds go to the cause. www.stelladot.com/sites/leticiasoriano

Melinda Jernigan over at MP Designs Jewelry can customize your awareness jewelry

Jamberry Nail Shields

Oh For the Love of Peanut Butter!

I have to say that peanut butter is my new weakness. 
Its just one of those things that I get that craving for and it always seems to hit the spot!

Here are a few fun recipes I found while browsing around....you guessed it ~ Pinterest!

(I've made these and they are absolutely amazing!)

Have I got you drooling yet? :)

Modern Mom Gear Product Review

My name is Bridget and I recently had the opportunity to do a product review from Modern Mom Gear. I absolutely LOVED all the products that I reviewed. I had 2 burp cloths, a nursing wrap, and some swaddle blankets.

 I have a 5 month old daughter that I "tested" these items out on :) My favorite 3 things about the nursing wrap was the flexible plastic at the top of the wrap to keep it close to you for maximum coverage, and the fact that it had a "snap" for a hook, so there was no fiddling with strings to tie when you have a crying/hungry baby :) 

the last thing I loved about the nursing wrap was the fact that it had a small terry cloth triangle sewed to the inside for any drips :) The burp cloths were FABULOUS because they are so thick and absorbant.. also they are soft so you can wipe baby's mouth.

 I love how they both matched with the same material! The last thing to review was the swaddle wraps, which I love! They are made of cuddly soft flannel, but it's thin flannel so your baby will stay warm but not sweat too much! I really enjoyed reviewing these products!! 

Here are some of their other fun prints

Check out Modern Mom Gear & Get your own Set today!

Modern Mom Gear

Emily McDowell Illustration: Product Review

Emily McDowell creates high-quality giclee prints of her original digital illustrations, paintings, drawings, and collages
She sent us this beautiful "Be Yourself" Illustration to review

I love how fun and colorful this print is!

When I chose this print, I knew exactly where I'd put it! 
Our home decor is more of a vintage earthy feel.....except for our guest bathroom.
Its completely bold, colorful and fun :)
This fits right in!

Emily McDowell's illustrations stand out to me because they are very unique!
All of her ideas are original and she also does custom prints!

Here are a few other prints of hers

To check out more of Emily's beautiful works of art

Emily McDowell Illustrations

Time for Tea!

When you hear "tea party" you probably think of little girls dressed in their fancy little dress up clothes and mom's high heels, surrounded by their favorite teddy bears and dolls. 

(photo above borrowed from pinterest)

Last weekend, my co-blogger Adrienne and I attended a tea party held at my church. It was so neat! Each table that was set up had a hostess. Each hostess decorated their table to fit their personality.

This was our table

I loved the way our table was decorated! It was so warm and inviting! I even fell in love with the linens! We each had a little jar with an herb planted in it! Mine was basil :)

The theme of the tea was "Encouragement". Our Guest speaker was Cindy Cook, founder of So the Cook Said, and also the daughter of our pastor.
She gave a sweet message about encouraging others and how sometimes God has a way of sending us encouraging words when we need it most.

Sometimes just sending a little card to a friend may be just what they really need! You never know when it will make their day.

For dessert we had the most beautiful cupcakes to choose from!

Adrienne chose a beautiful lemon cupcake with yellow icing and sugar pearls

My cupcake was red velvet and had light pink fondant with a yummy strawberry on top!

Having this tea party was such a neat idea! Its even inspired Adrienne & I to try and do our own :)
Its a great way for women to get together and encourage each other!

SweetE Cakes Product Review

SweetE Cakes sent us this gorgeous wreath to review

When I received this wreath (hand delivered)....I was so shocked! I knew I was getting a wreath but didn't know anything about what it would look like or anything. This wreath was ME! 
From the bright pink and zebra to the fun black feathers! I was in Love!
Its so bright and vibrant and fun and it adds a ton of personality to my home.

I even love the P Monogram in the Center!

If your looking for a fun and unique wreath
check out SweetE Cakes today :)

SweetE Cakes

Ooh La Bra! Product Review

{About Ooh La Bra! }

Ooh La Bra! carries products that offer solutions for a woman's decolletage area. Our product line includes designer bra straps, cami shapers, strapless bras and chest wrinkle remover pads. For fun, we also carry a beautiful line of signature headbands (our exclusive designs!). 

Ooh La Bra! sent us a beautiful Ultimate Bling Strap Set to review! I was absolutely stunned at how gorgeous they were. 
The straps have four rows of clear rhinestones.

I knew the exact thing to try these straps out with!

These straps were a beautiful addition to my wedding dress!

Ooh La Bra! carries lots of gorgeous straps that are perfect for any outfit that needs that extra touch!
Here are a few of my favorites!

Need the perfect straps to accessorize your outfit? 
Head on over at visit Ooh La Bra! today!

Ooh La Bra!