Adore LOGO Designs Product Review

I have been wanting a unique logo for The Married Life Blog for quite some time now. I'd try to create my own, but they just weren't exactly what I wanted.

I wanted unique, colorful, whimsical and something that just said "Married Life"
I was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Adore LOGO Designs!
It was SO simple for her to create the perfect one!
I just answered a series of questions about what I wanted, colors I wanted to include, my goals, etc.

Just like that, she sent me two samples the next morning!

I loved them both but as you can tell, I chose the bottom one :)
I just LOVED the little birds! Its exactly what I had been wanting!

Do you need a logo for your page? 
A great logo is the key to grabbing the attention of new fans!
Check out some others that she's done:

~ LOVE how super cute these balloons are!~

Let Adore LOGO Designs help you create the perfect Logo for your business!

Adore LOGO Designs

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