Maxima Rejuvenation Product Review

Did you know that you should start focusing on your skin and aging beginning at the age 20! 
I know I'm just 22 years old and my skin looks fine right now. However, its never too soon to begin preventing those wrinkles!

Erica from Maxima sent me a new little book about their products and what they do. It also included this really neat list of age categories and what you should be focusing on.

20's: Wear Antioxidant Serum under your sunscreen
Using Maxima's Rejuvenating Sunscreen you can minimize free-radicals damage that will later contribute to wrinkles

30's: Its time for Retinol!
Add a little retinol to promote collagen production

40's: Add Peptides
Peptides provide an anti-agin effect that can lead to healthy looking skin!

50's +: Switch to a more soothing cream as necessary

Erica sent me a sample of the Radiant Exfoliating Scrub.

I LOVED this scrub! My favorite part was the smell. It was so clean and refreshing and It almost left a cool feeling on my skin! I loved how the particles in the scrub were very tiny so they weren't too rough when you were applying it. Some scrubs almost hurt when you use them! My skin felt so smooth and soft after just one use!!!

Maxima also has some amazing other products that are a must have!

Sunscreen SPF 30
Silicon Scar Gel
Gentle Daily Cleanser
Super Vitamin C Skin Care
Night Renewal Cream
Firm and Fade Cream
Biopeptide Mask
Advanced Wrinkle Cream

To find out more about Maxima or to get your own products:

Erica Schramm, Founder
Maxima Skin Care, LLC.

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