Crystalline Creative Design

Crystalline Creative Design sent us a beautiful necklace to review for them!
They create beautiful handmade jewelry with Swarovski Crystals.

This locket is SO beautiful! I Love the shimmer from the crystals when you wear it!
It makes the perfect addition to any outfit!
You can even open it up and add different colored crystals in as well!

The lockets are made very nicely! They are rhodium plated and very durable!
The large round locket is 30mm in diameter and 6mm deep.

They even have a fun heart shaped locket!

Want to purchase your own locket?
Visit them at their Etsy Shop and be sure to like them on Facebook

Jamberry Nail Shields

I really love getting my nails done...honestly, what woman doesn't? 
I love all the fun designs and colors to choose from, but I don't like how quickly the polish seems to chip off. Want nail designs that last? Then your going to love Jamberry Nails!

What is Jamberry?
Jamberry Nails is fun nail shields that you can stick on your nails. No painting and drying required! 
They are very easy to apply!

Miranda Hatfield with Jamberry sent me this fun set to try out!

Depending on the length of your nails, you can get several sets out of a page.
I like to keep my nails short so I could cut each strip in half.

Jamberry has SO many pretty designs to choose from!
Here are just a few of my favorites.

Mint Green Chevron

Blooming Hearts

Decorative Coral Tip

They even have Jamberry Juniors for your little girl who just has to have nails like mommy's!

Butterfly - Chevron

Be sure to visit Miranda's page on facebook!

Mud Pies and Mason Jars

Just one glance at Mudpies & Mason Jars' page and you'll instantly fall in love!
They sent us this adorable frame to review for them.

The frame came in this neat little cloth bag to keep it safe from scratches. 

The moment I opened up this 

I couldn't wait to find the perfect photo to put in it!
This fun and whimsical frames makes the perfect gift and the perfect addition to any home.

I am so in LOVE with Mud Pies and Mason Jars! All of their products are SO much fun! 

I am absolutely in LOVE with these pajama pants! I just love the ruffles on the bottom of the legs!

This scarf is so fun and springy! A perfect accessory to any outfit!

Check out these adorable slippers!!! Perfect to go with the pajama pants above ;)

Check out more of Mud Pies and Mason Jars! You'll be in love too!

2nd Annual Summer Splash Giveaway Hop

The Married Life Blog is super excited to be a part of the 2013 2nd Annual Summer Splash Giveaway Hop! How does this work you may ask?

Lots of blogs, just like The Married Life Blog will be joining in to host a fun summer themed giveaway! To make this giveaway possible we'll need sponsors to help us out!

Prizes must be summer related:
- Bathing Suites
- Sundresses, shorts, tank tops
- flip flops, sun glasses
- totes, coolers
- sunscreen, swimming gear
- beach/pool toys, beach book reads
- beach towels, beach chairs
- patio furniture, bbq accessories
- etc.

If you've got the perfect summer product you'd like to put in our giveaway, please contact The Married Life Blog today!

Prairie Sweet Product Review

If your a photographer or love to play around with photoshop, then you'll LOVE Prairie Sweet Boutique! Prairie Sweet Boutique creates beautiful and fun templates for photographers to help promote your business and boost your sales!

Prairie Sweet Boutique sent us some of their fun Valentines Card Templates & Papers to review for them. As an owner of a photography business myself, I love to include collages and cards for my customers of holiday themed photo shoots. I love to put in the extra work and guarantee that they keep coming back to me!

I Love how fun and colorful these templates are! 

Prairie Sweet Boutique has some adorable templates to choose from!
I just LOVE the "Just Peachy Save the Date" Set!

They even have some awesome marketing tools!

If your looking for some great new tools to help promote your business, please check out Prairie Sweet Boutique at their Website  and on Facebook

DIY Air Freshener

This is possibly the easiest DIY project ever. It is cheap, quick, and long-lasting. How perfect? This project is for those who want to be Eco-friendly, green, organic, granola, etc. Oh, and it's for the crafty people too! We are going to make an air freshener bag. I had never thought of doing something like this until my mom asked me to make one for her. Simply put- it is a small, light bag that holds your favorite scents. We made several burlap bags and put cinnamon sticks and whole cloves in them for the house; we also made linen bags with lavender scented cotton balls for the bedrooms. Like I always say: be creative, put your own spin on it, and make it yours!
The Stuff:
Fabric of your choice (something that will let the air circulate)
*Cinnamon Sticks
*Whole Cloves
*Cotton Balls
*Lavender Oil

**You can use whatever scents you want!
Step One:
Make a small pouch with your fabric, super easy, sew only two sides.
Step Two:
About 1/2 inch from the top of your pouch, cut small holes, 1/4 inch apart, all the way around.
Step Three:
Weave twine through holes.

Step Four:
Use about 5-8 drops of essential oil on cotton balls and put them into the bag, or put cinnamon sticks and cloves in them. Tie the bag shut, place it wherever it will have good air circulating.

We used our burlap bags on registers so that the air would be constantly circulating through them; we placed the lavender bags on our nightstands beside our beds.

I hope that you will enjoy this project! Please let us know how yours turn out, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask(: