Funkykat Product Review

About Funkykat
Funkykat is an Australian owned business based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
We pride ourselves on bringing you the most unique and fashionable cooler bags available today.
As a mother of three, I discovered how convenient a cooler bag can be in everyday life and set about designing some that would not only be versatile and functional, but stylish as well.
I'm sure you'll enjoy using our bags as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them for you.

Funkykat sent us an adorable pink leopard print insulated thermal tote!
I was SO excited when I pulled it out! It was SO cute!

I LOVED the fun and playful print! (its also available in gold)
This insulated thermal is perfect for any outings!
These thermals include:
an adjustable shoulder strap
keeps things cooler or warmer for larger
has a front pouch for keys, phone, wipes, etc.
2 internal straps to keep bottles upright
made from a durable canvas
includes an easy to clean pvc lining

They also make the perfect gift!

This bottle holder was my favorite accent!
This is the first thermal i've ever seen with this!

Want to get your own Funkykat Insulated Cooler?


Slumber Parties Product Review

Every once in a while, you need a little something to spice up your love life! 
I was introduced here recently to Slumber Parties. 
I had heard of the company but had never tried out any of their products. I've always been curious about some of their unique products.

Jessica with Slumber Parties sent us this neat cream that is sure to add some excitement!
X- Scream comes in a yummy buttercream icing scent! 

When applied to a specific area it leaves a cool and tingly feeling to add to your fun!
You can also get this in Mandarin Orange or Mint Chocolate Chip!

Also....a neat little fact I found- 
It can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or women who have lost sensitivity!

They have tons of really amazing product that are sure to suit your needs!
Everlasting Love is a lubricant that lasts longer than any other water based lubricant!

Body Dew is the perfect item to replenish the oils in your skin after being out in the sun!

Want to get your own products? Head on over and see Jessica!
Request a catalog or find out what products are right for you!

Slumber Parties
Jessica Reed

Whimsical Occasions Product Review

Party Banners
Cupcake Toppers
Sticker Sheets
Gift Tags
Tulle Pom Poms
Address labels

Whimsical Occasions has the perfect accessories for your party! 
They sent us the most adorable cupcake toppers!

I really enjoyed reviewing these adorable toppers! I love how cute they are!
They also gave me a reason to do some baking ;)
I made yummy golden buttery cupcakes with a hint of cinnamon and make home made chocolate marshmallow buttercream icing!

These are the perfect addition for any party or occasion!

They also make some other awesome party accessories!
Check out this super cute banner! It would be perfect for a baby shower or birthday! 

Party Straws- the perfect way to drink in style!

Adorable Gift Tags!

Do you need some help customizing your next party or event?
Let Whimsical Occasions help you out!

Whimsical Occasions

Lots of Giveaways :)

We have a few awesome giveaways going on!
Be sure you head over and enter to win some amazing things!

Enter to win a work out tank top OR a $25 Credit

Win a "Time to Relax" Gift Set

Win a 12 oz Designer Tin Candle

Sisters with Scents

Sisters with Scents use 100% Soy Wax and are expanding their scents daily. They currently offer 6, 10, and 16 oz jar candles as well as 8 oz Aromatherapy tins. They try to create unique and different specialty items for their customers.

Sisters with Scents sent us this amazing candle in pina colada.

The candle came with this cute little ribbon tied around the top of the candle! It was very cute!
As soon as I lit it, the yummy smell of coconuts filled my room! It was a wonderful smell! Much different than all of the other candles that I burn. 

I love how Sisters with Scents has such a variety of scents like Country Bumpkin that smells like a blend of apples, candied yams, marshmallows, sweet cream, butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, crushed cinnamon bark and fresh cloves. Now doesn't that sound absolutely amazing!

They also have some really neat gifts for that candle lover in your family!

Coffee Scent in a Mug

Scented Candle in a Coconut Shell
(comes in Pina Colada or Coconut Lime Verbena)

Want you Own Yummy Candle from Sisters with Scents?
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Sisters with Scents

Ruffles With Love Product Review

Ruffles with Love specializes in creating adorable work-out tank tops, scarves, baby bibs, onesies, picture frames, throw pillows, gloves and more!

They sent us an adorable work out tank! 
It was black with "Sweat is Sexy" in pink glittery letters!

(I'm cheesing pretty good in this picture lol)

I loved how cute this work out tank top was! My hubby and I have recently enjoyed going for walks around the neighborhood and this is the perfect top to pair with my black shorts!
I also love the adorable little bow accessory on the back!

Here are a few of my other favorites :)

Check out this super cute bib! 
I just LOVE it!

Want to get your own super cute work out tank tops? 
Head on over and check out her page!

Easter Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to all our sponsors who participated in our Easter Giveaway!

Funky Photography Prop Shop
Faith Markuson

Divine Designs
Jodi Tillman

Expressions Bracelets
Heather King

MP Designs Jewelry
Jeffrey Shumac

Origami Owl with Brittney Curry
Tasha Harris

Knock Out Panties from Verena Lingerie
Melinda Jernigan

Vintage Couture with Jennifer Aldous
Rebecka Pauline Lozano

Pure Romance with Katina
Nicole Witmer Errair

Mary Kay with Nicole
June Green 

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Rustic Ridge Creations Product Review & Giveaway

Rustic Ridge Creations is a small Michigan  home based business. They offer hand poured soy candles & tarts. Natural based skin products that are made right in their home.

All of their products are "Paraben Free". They use top quality ingredients.
hand & body lotion, 
body butter,
sugar scrub
therapeutic bath salts
aroma therapy

They started their candle business in January 2006 it started out as a hobby and of course all of their friends and family received candles as gifts. Pretty soon they were coming to buy their candles for gifts and encouraged us to market them. They try to make their scents unique, they love playing "Mad Scientist" in their kitchen developing new scents and products.

In May of 2010 they introduced their new line of natural skin care products for a friend who wanted a natural product for their dry skin as she had been through chemo therapy.

Their products are now being used by nail techs for manicures and pedicures.
It is important to them that people understand how much better natural products are for them.

Rustic Ridge Creations sent us some amazing items to review!
She sent us this awesome body butter in Cucumber Melon. One difference I noticed was how much thicker the texture was compared to most body butters. I loved how smooth and creamy it was when I rubbed it on. I loved how amazing it left my skin feeling! It smells SO refreshing!

We also received a sugar scrub in Cucumber Melon.

I absolutely LOVED using this scrub! I love how silky smooth it left my skin. The tiny particles scrub away all that dead skin and leave your skin feeling like silk! Use the body butter afterwards for an amazing feel!

Rustic Ridge Creations also has some other awesome products!

Hand Poured Soy Candles

Paraben Free Hand & Body Lotion

Bath Salts

Love these products from Rustic Ridge Creations?
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Win a "Time to Relax" Gift Set
Valued at $12.00
Includes an 8 oz soy candle and a 16 oz therapeutic bath salt

Eclipse Candles Product Review & Giveaway

Eclipse candles are made from a premium wax blend. The Wicks are also an upgraded braided wick used because of their superior quality. They come in 50 fragrances and are all made in house at ECC. They are unique to ECC, not something you will find anywhere else. The Candles are highly fragrant with hot throws that last for the entire candle. Of course proper care of you candle is needed to get the best results from you candle. Always keep you wick trimmed to at least 1/4". Keep out of drafts. 

Pam from Eclipse Candles sent me a candle in their new Ooh La La Vanilla Candle.

If you love vanilla...than your really going to love this candle! 
Its more than just vanilla! It has these amazing undertones that make the scent so warm and rich. As soon as I lit it, the yummy vanilla scent filled my room! I am just purely amazed at the scent! 

Eclipse Candles has so many yummy scents that I would LOVE to give a try:
+Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffin
+Botanical Fantasy
+Heavenly Marshmallow

They even have a line of candles named after the characters is Twilight!
They also have some beautiful warmers!

Want to purchase your own candle?

Win Your Own 12 oz Designer Tin Candle in your choice of scent!

Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels Product Review

Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels specializes in beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, wallets, purses and more!
They sent us this gorgeous monogram necklace to review!

I was SO excited when I received my package from Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels.  Inside was a beautiful monogrammed copper neclace.  The glass gem over the momgram sparkled brightly and showed off the green and yellow colors surrounding the letter "A".  People began to comment and remark on the piece as soon as I placed it around my neck!  This neclace makes a beautiful statement piece to any outfit.

I love the variety of products that Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels has!

I love how fun this necklace is! Its so fun and would be an adorable accent to any outfit!

So unique! The fun zebra print and the pink peace sign look SO cute together! 

To check out more of their neat products:
Jourdan's Jewels

Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels 

Bunny Bait

I so just found the cutest thing ever for those of you with little ones :)
Make bunny bait! 

Just mix popcorn, vanilla candy melts, easter m&m's and confetti :)

It Works Product Review

Caitie Vernon with It Works! sent us an awesome Ultimate Body Applicator.  The Body Contouring Applicators are naturally-based and detoxifying.  They are used to tighten, tone, firm, and minimize cellulite appearance.  They also improve skin's texture and tightness.  The applicators show instant results in as little as 45 minutes and last over 72 hours.  I placed my applicator on my tummy and lower abdomen.  Within 45 minutes I could notice a big difference in the firmness of my skin.  After measurements, I had lost a little over two inches!  These applicators are awesome!!!  

Expect "ultimate" results with this amazing 45-minute body Applicator! The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin.
  • Tightens, tones, & firms
  • Minimizes cellulite appearance
  • Improves skin texture & tightness
  • Mess-free and simple to use
  • Results in as little as 45 minutes
  • Progressive results over 72 hours
  • Made with natural ingredients
Includes 4 Applicators.
Directions: Apply one Applicator to one area of your choice (such as the abdomen, back, sides, legs, arms, or buttocks) and leave on for 45 minutes. Remove and discard. Repeat after 72 hours.

Contact Caitie Vernon today at and try It Works! today!

Cookie Lee Product Review

Here recently I was sent a cookie lee item for review. I'm kind of new to the company. I've heard of it, but had never viewed a catalog or seen any of it in person. 
I was so excited to pick an item for review. 

Mary Sanchez sent me this gorgeous brown beaded necklace to review. 
I loved how unique this necklace was! It was made up of many strands that were twisted together. 
Its the perfect addition to any outfit and its sure to draw attention!

Cookie Lee has some amazing items! 

Love the look of this Vintage Love Birds Bracelet

The blue's and green's in this sea of love necklace are gorgeous! Its the must have item for your spring wardrobe!

If you love the jewelry you've seen then you really need to have a party! You can get the above 20th anniversary bracelet for just $20 when you host a party! Just contact Mary Sanchez today!

Cookie Lee with Mary Sanchez

The Victoria Chart Company

Reward charts to encourage positive development in children and families.
The Victoria Chart Company creates unique charts that are easy to use and fun for children. These charts are age specific and cover life stage developments in young children's lives. They can also be customized to fit your child's needs.

Karen Waterfield of the Victoria Chart Company sent us this great Good Night, Sleep Tight Chart.  Deemed the "Ultimate Sleep Chart for Children," this chart worked excellent for my restless five year old.  The chart was used regularly morning and night to help get my son into a simpler bedtime routine.  He not only woke up happier but so did Mommy!!!  I loved the results we achieved with the Good Night, Sleep Tight Chart.  The Victoria Chart Company specializes in children's reward charts.

Good Night, Sleep Tight reward chart creates the perfect bedtime routine for children. It provides a step by step routine with tips and guidelines to help you give your child a healthy nights sleep and for you an evening to unwind.
Gold star stickers reward the pre-bedtime routine such as putting on pyjamas, brushing teeth, reading bedtime book and getting into bed.
In the morning smiley face stickers reward the successfully accomplished night sleep for such things as staying in own bed, not calling out and falling asleep naturally. 

Each pack contains: 
+ large chart
+ 48 reusable gold start stickers
+ 130 Reusable smily face stickers
+ information sheet with tips, suggestions and examples
+ dry erase marker

Some of their other neat charts include:
My Big Star Chart
My Growing Up Chart
My Credit Chart
My Vacation Journal

To Find out More about these awesome charts & how they can help your little one:
The Victorian Chart Company
+ sticky mounting pads for the wall

ViSalus Science Product Review

The ViSalus Sciences Body by Vi™ Challenge is geared to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. From simply losing a few pounds, to getting fit and toned, we have the tools, the products, and the community of supportive people to celebrate your success. The Body by Vi™ program is easy, fun, and guarantees results.

The Body by Vi Challenge is not another fad diet. The program is based
on nutrition that helps you burn fat and keep lean muscle, boosts your metabolism and helps control hunger. The patented ingredients and formulas help you achieve your goals, on your terms with guaranteed results. Included in our program are nutrition guides, fitness tips and plans, and downloadable tracking tools.

Promoter Joanne Picton with ViSalus Science sent us a weeks worth of delicious Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mixes.  The mixes are used for weight management and nutritional benefits.  They contain non-GMO Soy Protein and are Sweet Cream flavored.  The Sweet Cream tastes great alone or you can mix them with Shape-Up Flavour Mix-ins.  The Mix-ins are available in such flavors as Chocolate, Strawberry, Peach, and Banana.  My favorite was the Strawberry Mix-in blended with frozen bananas and strawberries.  My son, who is not a vegetable-eater, also benefited from these delicious shakes!  His favorite was the Birthday Cake Shake.  I even have my sister-in-law hooked!

To Get your Own Shakes head on over and visit Joanne Picton
ViSalus with Joanne Picton