Blog Makeover!

As you can tell The Married Life Blog got a little makeover! The links for the pages are now located on the right side column underneath the "Welcome" message :)

New giveaways will begin later today!

New Giveaways!

Two new giveaways are up for the week! 
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Continuing Our House Hunt

So today I've learned that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Months ago, the husband and I came across this beautiful home that was right in our price range. It was our dream house. Absolutely Perfect! 

So we placed offers on it and it ended up being a lot of stuff wrapped up in this home. In the end, we ended up just walking away. We've looked at several homes since then and it seems like we always end up comparing them to that first house.

Well today, my husband got a very random phone call. It was from the realtor of that first house saying that the pending contract was dropped and its back on the market! We are SO excited but we've learned not to get our hope too high. I just feel like maybe this house was meant to be. So just keep the hubby and I in your thoughts and prayers with this situation! 

Still Searching

Well the hubby and I looked at two houses the other night. The first one we looked at, we just fell completely in LOVE with it! It was exactly what we were looking for! The price was just a little high for us so we offered a little less. So needless to say- that didn't work out.

The second house we looked at was beautiful as well....but way too small :( if only the bedrooms were bigger and it had extra room for my photography studio i'm going to be making!

So we stumbled upon another house tonight online where we've done most of our browsing. Hopefully this week we'll get to go and tour it! I dont know, but I've just got a feeling this house is going to be special :)

A Day in the Life of a Four Year Old

Okay so, I got out of the shower the other day and Eli said "Wow Mom! You are really clean!" I said Yep, I even shaved my legs!!! :) Later on that day, Me and E were going to town and I stopped by my Dads to see if he needed anything. My dad looked in my car and said Man Eli, you look nice! He said you clean up well! Eli then said yep, I even shaved my legs!!! :) Gotta love kids! :)

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A Day in the Life With a Four Year Old

Eli gave me some carnations for mothers day this year. I planted them outside. A few days later he decided to dig them up, they died. When I found them I got really upset. Later that day while I was getting my much needed shower, he came in the bathroom and said mommy come quick I did something that is going to make your heart happy. i put my clothes on and followed him outside. He had proudly stuck the dead flowers back in the ground. It not only made my heart happy it made my day. :)


Meet Adrienne!

I'd like to welcome the newest addition to "The Married Life" team!


Adrienne is the mommy to the sweetest little boy, Eli!
She'll be sharing the mommy side of the blog and sharing some great and adorable stories from her exciting life with Eli!

Be looking for some Great mommy giveaways in the near future!


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House #3 on our Search!

So the last house that I posted, the hubby and I rode by it and decided that we were not very impressed with it. I guess it wasn't what we thought it would be. 
We've learned its a big help to just ride by it because you want to be sure that the neighborhood is good and you have a little privacy. I don't want a house right on top of us! 

So a few days ago my husband found this house online.
Hopefully next week we'll be able to go and tour it!

I am SUPER excited! Can't wait to finally have a home of our own!