Second Spring Soaps Product Review

Second Spring Soaps specializes in hand made cold process soaps, lip balms and bath accessories

They scent us a package full of goodies to review! I had the joy of reviewing the Cucumber / Melon Bath Salts and the Cherries and Berries Lip Balm. Wow....were they wonderful!

I could smell the luscious aroma of cucumber melon as soon as I opened the envelope! I couldn't wait to take a bath that night and try them out! I started my bath and sprinkled in some of the salt. It left the bath water smelling absolutely amazing! These lovely bath salts also come in pink rose scent.

The next thing I reviewed way the Cherries & Berries Lip Balm. As soon as I opened up the envelope from the mail, I put some on right away. I was completely blown away with how silky it left my lips feeling! I have this horrible habit of picking at my lips, which leaves them dry and rough and this balm was perfect for them! It didn't leave a waxy residue like many chapsticks either! It also had a very sweet scent. These amazing lip balms come in many flavors like creme de menthe, lavender & vanilla, cappucino, peppermint, chocolate, sweet orange, orange & clove and even snow cone flavored!

My husband also had an opportunity to help out with a review! My husband Jeffrey reviewed the unique  Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Soap! 

One of his favorite things about this soap was how well it lathered up! Most bar soaps don't really seem to lather at all. It left him smelling yummy and super clean!
This soap is actually made using PBR as a base and using a cold process with high quality veggie oils!
Its also vegan friendly!! It was lightly colored tan using a very small amount of cocoa powder and then scented with shaving cream! How neat :)

Adrienne reviewed some really amazing soaps!

Oakmoss Sage


Prior to using Second Spring Soap I usually used heavily scented body washes that typically dried out my skin and left me feeling overpowered with fragrance.  Second Spring Soap leaves me feeling soft, clean, and delicately scented. These soaps are great and not to mention handmade!!! Some of my favorite scents are Oakmoss Sage, Lilac, and Lime and Coconut. Try these for a great alternative to heavy body washes.

To check out some of their other awesome scents and more of their vegan soaps
Second Spring Soaps
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