Knot Genie Product Review

If your like me, tangles and knots are your enemy. 
They were especially horrible after I washed my hair. Running a brush through it will blow drying it, almost impossible AND painful!

The first thing Adrienne and I noticed when we reviewed these awesome detangling brushes was how smoothly it went through wet hair! It just glided right through, no problem!

How does this detangling brush work so well? 
Well, it all has to do with the different lengths of the teeth. They bend just right to gently untangle your hair. Because of the lack of stress, the hair cuticles stay unharmed and leave your hair shiny and smooth!
The cloud shape handle also makes it extremely easy to hold on to!

I used my brush while blow drying my hair. My hair was SO incredibly soft when i was finished. Its usually kind of dry feeling with our water but this brush made such a huge difference! 
I know many times with children, brushing that hair after a bath can create a huge problem! The tangles are horrible and the next thing you know, here come the tears! This Knot Genie is a sure must have for your house hold! The brush is perfect for all types of hair, whether straight or curly! 
These brushes come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns and are available at a very affordable price of only $19.99! These brushes are definitely worth every penny!

Purchase your own Knot Genie Detangling Brush!
Knot Genie

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