Blue Couture Product Review & Giveaway

Blue Couture Design, LLC offers a little of everything for different stages of your life. All items are handmade whether it be for when he puts that ring on your finger, making your house a home, or bringing home that little bundle of joy and watching them grow.

Blue Couture specializes in jewelry rolls, appliqued onesies, little man ties, wedding favors, party favors, coloring books, place cards, vinyl wall decals

Blue Couture send me this beautiful vinyl wall decal that read "Live Happily, Laugh Joyfully, Love Completely"

These vinyl wall decals and very simple to apply! 
Just rub them, remove the paper backing, apply to where you want it, and then slowly remove the paper being sure to rub as you go.

You can see how something so simple can really add character and personality to any room!
When you decide where to put your decal, be sure you plan on leaving it there because one you apply it, you can't remove it and reuse it. It does however come off very easily :)

We applied this vinyl wall decal in our bedroom on the wall opposite of our bed :) I think it'll be a great reminder to look at! 

Do you love this vinyl expression? 

Purchase yours here
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Or Enter to win a Vinyl Expression just like the way I reviewed!

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  1. My favorite is "Together is the best place to be."

  2. Ash, I love your style...we have only two of the Willow Tree collections, but they are so pretty.

  3. Always Kiss Me Goodnight is one of the sweetest expressions.

  4. I love the quote you picked for you bedroom wall :) I have been looking at your facebook page since before my daughter was born and I have been wanting to buy something but I just cant decide.

  5. I like the Live laugh love quotes.

  6. these look very lovely and elegant. i would really like to win so i can show them off on my wall. they are so pretty.
    joanne davidson

  7. I've always wanted to put something like this on the wall in our bedroom but have never gotten around to it.

  8. i found out my sister has some on her wall...woo, so beautiful,so lovely. joanne davidson