Orange County Candles Review

OrangeCountyCandles is located in Locust Grove, Virginia and is run by a Husband and Wife team. We make all of our products in small batches with high attention to detail and only the best quality ingredients! All of our products, ingredients and supplies are made in the USA! 

Orange County Candles has a wide variety of scents to offer. There scents also come in 8 oz jars, 8 oz travel tins, soy tart clamshell melts, soap and tealights.

Orange County Candles sent me an 8 oz jar in Macintosh Apple. 

As soon as I opened the jar, the amazing sweet smell of apples drifted out. 
I could not wait to burn it! 

As soon as I lit the candle, I could smell the aroma of apples wafting through the air. It was absolutely amazing! 

Orange County Candles has a ton of amazing scents that I would LOVE to try out!

Here are a few fun ones:
+ Blackberry Marmalade
+ Cupcake
+ Chocolate Chip Cookie
+ Cotton Candy

I love how their scents are SO unique! 

To check out all of their wonderful products:

Orange County Candles

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