Queasy Beads Product Review

I LOVE to travel, but I sure don't love the icky, queasy, head"achy" feeling that seems to come with it. 
If you have a hard time traveling without getting these symptoms, then Queasy Beads are definitely for you!
What are Queasy Beads you ask?
Queasy beads are these beautifully made bracelets that are designed to wear on each wrist. They are made to fit comfortably snug. They largest bead should rest on the acupressure point on your inner arm, three fingers down from your inner wrist.

I was sent the most beautiful set in "pink elegance"

As you can see, they fit snuggly and the large bead is right at the middle of my wrist and the pressure point :)

I was able to test out my set of Queasy Beads on our trip this past weekend to Atlanta, Georgia. I usually don't feel too sick when we drive long distances unless the hubby starts driving a little crazy ;)

I wore the bracelets and never got a headache at all :)

Here are a few of my other favorite designs

White Dazzle

Night Sky

Breast Cancer Awareness

Get your Queasy Beads today!

Queasy Beads


  1. I have ordered Queasy Beads myself and love them and use them all the time. I have two pairs and always make sure one of them is in my purse.


  2. I ordered a pair of Queasy Beads to replace my not very attractive SeaBands for a trip to Europe. The Queasy Beads did not work at all, and I did not bring my SeaBands as back up. Had two truly horrible, airsick flights . . . I hope I can return these for a refund!

  3. I have worn Queasy Beads for four years now on cruises and winding roads and LOVE them. I have gone from a 'cot case' as far as motion sickness is concerned, to a happy traveller who has not been sea sick or motion sick since beginning to wear them. Oh, and they are absolutely gorgeous. This chick doesn't do towelling :)