Fancy Fingernails Review

I Love to get my nails done, but I don't always enjoy the cost...along with the filing, drilling, clipping, etc. Fancy nails has the perfect kit to sass up your nails without any of that!

Fancy Fingernails sent me a kit within days to try out.

The kit comes with everything you need!

It was very simple to apply!
First, you apply the nail glue to the nail and be sure to coat the whole thing (not too much or it won't dry quickly). Then, using the little white scoop, you apply the glitter. I applied mine a little too thick but it was very cute. Then you let it dry for a few minutes, using the stick to check if they are ready. To apply the charms, you apply just a little drop of glue where you want it and press it on. Let it try for a couple of minutes, blowing on it as well (blowing speeds up the drying process).

I have had SO many compliments on my nails! My husband and I went out yesterday and I know three different women commented on them :) They are sure to draw attention and all of your friends are sure to be jealous of your fancy fingernails :) 

There are lots of possibilities with fancy fingernails! When you head over to their website, you choose a nail splash and charms for your kit! Here are a few of my favorites:

CoConut Nail Decoration Kit
(Just $12.95)

Princess Nail Decoration Kit
(Just $12.95)

Paris Nail Decoration Kit
(Just $8.95)

You have got to go over and check out all that Fancy Fingernails has to offer!

Fancy Fingernails

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