Rustic Ridge Creations Product Review & Giveaway

Rustic Ridge Creations is a small Michigan  home based business. They offer hand poured soy candles & tarts. Natural based skin products that are made right in their home.

All of their products are "Paraben Free". They use top quality ingredients.
hand & body lotion, 
body butter,
sugar scrub
therapeutic bath salts
aroma therapy

They started their candle business in January 2006 it started out as a hobby and of course all of their friends and family received candles as gifts. Pretty soon they were coming to buy their candles for gifts and encouraged us to market them. They try to make their scents unique, they love playing "Mad Scientist" in their kitchen developing new scents and products.

In May of 2010 they introduced their new line of natural skin care products for a friend who wanted a natural product for their dry skin as she had been through chemo therapy.

Their products are now being used by nail techs for manicures and pedicures.
It is important to them that people understand how much better natural products are for them.

Rustic Ridge Creations sent us some amazing items to review!
She sent us this awesome body butter in Cucumber Melon. One difference I noticed was how much thicker the texture was compared to most body butters. I loved how smooth and creamy it was when I rubbed it on. I loved how amazing it left my skin feeling! It smells SO refreshing!

We also received a sugar scrub in Cucumber Melon.

I absolutely LOVED using this scrub! I love how silky smooth it left my skin. The tiny particles scrub away all that dead skin and leave your skin feeling like silk! Use the body butter afterwards for an amazing feel!

Rustic Ridge Creations also has some other awesome products!

Hand Poured Soy Candles

Paraben Free Hand & Body Lotion

Bath Salts

Love these products from Rustic Ridge Creations?
Get your own!

Win a "Time to Relax" Gift Set
Valued at $12.00
Includes an 8 oz soy candle and a 16 oz therapeutic bath salt

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  1. Spearmint sounds really good thanks for the chance

  2. Rustic Ridge Creations is illegally using my trademarked Wonder Butter™ name on one of her/their products. I legally hold the trademark to the Wonder Butter™ name, have for many, many years and HAVE NOT given this person/business permission to use my trademarked product name. I have an entire Wonder Butter™ product line that I have spent nearly 12 years developing.