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mark. is an expertly edited beauty & fashion boutique that is constantly launching fresh, on-trend products. Inspired by the hottest runway looks of the season, mark offers young women must-have, cutting-edge trends before they even hit shelves. 

Christina Bennink with Mark sent me Lash All You want Mascara in black and a hook up set that included Lots of Lacquer in 
Rush and Get in Line in Cocoa.

I was very excited to get the mascara but I was actually about out of what I was currently using. 
This mascara was wonderful! I loved how smooth is went on and how when you pulled the brush out, it didn't come out with big clumps in it. The brush separated my lashes and lifted them making them look fuller and gave them some extra volume. I also loved how it didn't have a smell. I've tried a few mascaras in the past that had a strong scent and made my eyes water when I applied it. Some also seem to flake after they dry. This mascara was wonderful and stayed put all day long! 

Next I tried out the Get in Line liquid liner. Honestly, its been quite a while since i've tried the liquid liner. The last I tried, I was not impressed with. It took forever to dry and ended up smeared on my eye lids before I even left the house. Well I pulled out the liner and gave it a whirl. I really was great! It went on so super smooth and even. It also dried really quickly too! I really like the liquid I think better than a kohl liner because I believe its bolder and I think it lasts longer too. 

Lastly, I tried the Lots of Lacquer in Rush. The lip color and the liquid liner are actually hook ups. The black piece you see in the middle above, connects the hook up items so that you can conveniently carry them together! I am such a lip gloss fanatic. I wear it all the time and can never have enough of it! When I opened it up, I wasn't too sure what I'd think of the color. I usually don't have the confidence to ever go bold with my makeup, especially lip color! When I first started to put it on, it looked really bright! But as you spread it out, it toned way down and blended into a beautiful pinkish orange color. It was very pretty and perfect for the spring season! It almost looked like a coral! I loved how fun it was and how great it looked!

I was very impressed with each thing that I tried out! Makeup is never just makeup and its important to be sure your wearing good, quality products that are gentle and good for your skin! 

If you'd like to get a catalog or make a purchase, contact Christina today!

Christina Bennink

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