Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels Product Review

Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels specializes in beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, wallets, purses and more!
They sent us this gorgeous monogram necklace to review!

I was SO excited when I received my package from Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels.  Inside was a beautiful monogrammed copper neclace.  The glass gem over the momgram sparkled brightly and showed off the green and yellow colors surrounding the letter "A".  People began to comment and remark on the piece as soon as I placed it around my neck!  This neclace makes a beautiful statement piece to any outfit.

I love the variety of products that Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels has!

I love how fun this necklace is! Its so fun and would be an adorable accent to any outfit!

So unique! The fun zebra print and the pink peace sign look SO cute together! 

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Jourdan's {Handmade} Jewels 

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