Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Like pretty much every other woman out there - I LOVE me some chocolate. 
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate, I want it all!
I was super excited to be able to work with Dove Chocolate Discoveries. 
Dove Chocolate Discoveries was started in February of 2007 by the Mars Candy Company, so while you are enjoying their candy, you know you are getting the best!

Angela, with Dove Chocolate Discoveries sent us a few samples of some of their wonderful products to review.

The first thing I tore into to try was the sea salted caramels.
I had heard of these on tv and how absolutely delicious they were! My hubby helped me out with trying these!

The Sea Salted Caramel Collection includes both milk and dark chocolates. Each one has a different kind of sea salt sprinkled on top. You may be thinking- salt and chocolate?
They make the perfect combination! Its hard to describe the heavenly flavors that engulf your taste buds. 

The next item we tried out was the Dark Chocolate Mousse kit.

This was so simple to make! All you needed to purchase was heavy whipping cream!
First you just mix the mousse mix from the package with whipping cream. Whip it until it starts to form peaks and gets all fluffy. Then you chop up the chocolate bars and microwave them in 20 second increments until they are melted. Add to the mousse mixture and there you have it! 

I decided to enjoy this with some strawberries :) It was just as good though eating it from a spoon!

Lastly we tried out the Vitalize Drink Mix!

There are tons of drink mixes out there so you may be wondering what makes this Vitalize so great?
Did you know that chocolate can be good for you? Chocolate includes cocoa flavonals and vitamin C! Just add a packet to your bottled water and shake! 
They come in great flavors like Orange, Pomegranate, Plum Berry and Sea Salted Cocoa Caramel. 
We tried out the Plum Berry. It was just a great flavor! It was sweet and very unique! 

Dove Chocolate Discoveries has lots of fantastic products that you are going to want to check out! 
Please be sure to head on over and visit Angela's website and facebook page!

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