Authentic Common Scents

I dont know about you but I am a candle fanatic! 
Its nothing like the yummy aromas wafting through your house! I love the cozy feeling it creates.
I was very excited to be doing a review for Authentic Common Scents.

They asked me to choose one of there scents to review. They had some very fun and unique scents so It was pretty hard to choose! I finally decided on Kettle Corn. Interesting right?
The moment I pulled that package out of the mailbox I knew what it was! I could smell it through the box!

From the moment I first lit this candle- I was in LOVE! 
All you can smell is the yummy buttery scent drifting through the house. It just makes me wanna go pop a bag of popcorn right now! 

You will continue to smell this scent throughout your use of this candle. 
It also burns really nicely! 
Those are the two things I look at when burning a candle. Good candles keep a scent and don't burn out too quickly.

Authentic Common Scents is more than just candles!
They also carry soap, body butter, face masks, moisturizers and lip balms!

Be sure to check them out on Etsy and on Facebook :)


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