DIY Glitter Cork Board

Recently I have seen the beginnings of a new fad. I have seen striped glittery canvases everywhere! I really like them, I think they are cute, bold, and super girly. I wanted to make one, but like everything else, I like for it to have more than one function. My solution? A glitter cork board! I already used mine to hang my jewelry on, but I thought this would be the perfect upgrade.
Whats the stuff?
-Glitter glitter glitter
-Framed Cork board
-Glue, regular and spray glue
-Thin paper (computer paper works great)
-A ruler for straight lines
-Pen and marker

Step one:
Draw your stripes. Simple as that! Use a marker/sharpie to make them extra dark so that you can see them through your paper.

Step two:
Glue paper on board. Glue only the corners to avoid wrinkly paper.
Trace lines through paper.

Step three:
Paint & Glitter!
I left a white stripe in the middle for a ribbon so that I could hang my earrings on it (:

There you go! I guarantee that you will have glitter everywhere and that your house will look like fairy land, but it is all for the cause, right?

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