Pink Zebra Party Time!

I'm Super excited to announce that I'm hosting a Pink Zebra Party! 
About a month ago I attended my first party. I am a big fan of scentsy so I was excited to learn more about Pink Zebra.

My first pink zebra purchase was a Simmer Light

I love how beautiful they look! You can also purchase shades the change the look to fit your room!

Instead of using wax cubes, you pour sprinkles in! 
These sprinkles to me last longer than the cubes. You can even just pour some in a bowl and set them out. I did that in my bathroom and it smells wonderful in there!

They also have reed diffusers, candles and more!
Head on over and shop at my online party today! 

You will absolutely LOVE Pink Zebra!!

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  1. where will u be having te party. at your home. ? if your mom comes i would love to come too. love u nanny