Just a couple of months ago I posted on encouraging after attending a women's tea party at my church.
As I see loved ones around me struggling with the weight of the world, this subject is heavier on my heart now more than ever.

Take a step back and look at our world. 
Honestly, the world is just full of sin and destruction.

Everyone at some point in their life has probably faced a time where it seemed like nothing could go right. Everything that could possibly happen, did. I've been there, and believe me its hard when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. I felt depressed, like no one was on my side supporting me. To me, thats the lowest way you can feel. And yes, at the time I thought, "why would God put me through this? I haven't done anything wrong!"

Years later I've come to realize that God had a purpose for this. 
Life isn't meant to be easy. We're meant to face battles so that we can win and become stronger.
I know when times are hard the thought of praying may seem crazy but after finally breaking down and opening my heart I soon learned it was exactly what God was waiting on. For me to turn to him for help and not try and fix the problem on my own.

When I graduation high school, my church rewarded each senior with a gift. It was a nice little set of cards that contained verses. I set them on my dresser at home and really thought nothing about them. But little did I know they would soon work their magic.
One day, when I felt the lowest, I glanced over at the cards. I randomly grabbed one out of the center without looking. What my card read, brought tears to my eyes. In a nutshell it basically said that what I was doing was right. Even thought everyone was against me, this card assured me I was following God's plan and what he wanted...not what everyone else wanted.

Today I look back and as rough as times were, I wouldn't take them back for anything. I know that God presented me with this just to make me stronger and to turn my attention back to him.
Now, I'm the happiest I've been in a long time and the decision I made then by following my heart and turning to God was something that changed my life for the best. 

The Lord is amazing and he never just leaves us out in the cold. You just have to be willing to turn to him and not try and make it on your own.

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  1. Preach it, girl! :) You should join our Facebook Bible Study Group. We're reading the book of Romans now.

    :) Ashley Patterson