Conversation Pieces Review & Giveaway

Every time I browse the Conversation Pieces' Website I fall even more in love with their amazing pieces.
Its like their clothes are designed just for me! 

A little over a week ago I received the beautiful Social Networking Dress and the Serendipity Necklace to review.

I was SO excited to review these items! 
I knew exactly what I was wearing to work the next day. The Social Networking Dress was amazingly comfortable! I loved how soft and light weight it felt on me. As soon as I walked into work I received many compliments! Everyone talked about how felt it fit and suited me!
The necklace was the most perfect accessory for this dress. The colors went so well together and popped! I love the vintage feel of this necklace and the color is so much fun. 

I also love how amazing the prices are at Conversation Pieces!
I love being able to dress in style without my wallet suffering.
Their sizes are also very accurate. I ordered a small and as you can see if fit wonderfully!

Conversation Pieces offers a variety of fun and beautiful clothing.
Here are my top 5 picks....

[also available in mauve]

I am also in love with their Dream Vacation Tote.
I love the beautiful lace details!

You can win this bag valued at $48 from Conversations! Its easy to enter!

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  1. I love all the things on here!!!

    1. Be sure you post about what your dream vacation is for your blog comment to count ;)

  2. Such cute stuff - love your outfit - especially the necklace :) My dream vacation would be one away from my kids - I'd still like to take them on a family vacation but sometimes a girl just needs some "me" time :)

  3. My dream vacation would be a tour through Europe with stops in London, Paris and Rome. I hope to visit all three cities sometime in my life, but I can't imagine anything better than visiting all three in one trip! After a childhood of awesome vacations all around the U.S., I'd be excited to go abroad.

  4. My dream vacation would be to take my grown up boys on a Carribean cruise followed by a month long trip to Europe with them. Now that they are all grown up it is actually FUN to travel with my boys : )

    Love Conversation Pieces...they have the most unusual beautiful stuff!

  5. I'd love to travel around Europe with my hubs and kids teaching them and learning about the history of the world...expand their horizons!

  6. My dream vacation would be to take an Alaskiain Cruise. I love the colder climate and the scenery would be so beautiful. I've always wanted to experience the 'cruise' itself..with endless buffets and entertainment. So, add that to seeing beautiful Alaska and that would be a perfect vacation!

    Christy Spencer

  7. My dream vacation would be to go to Greece. Just my husband and I. And travel all the little areas, where you can go scubba diving in. And shop in the markets. And see all the historic buildings. I would definitely make use if that bag with the white tunic you talked about, while there. Sigh. I would love to be there right now chilling in the breeze and at their beaches. They have beautiful blue waters, so very clear.


  8. Very pretty dresses, shirts, and bags.

  9. My dream vacation would be to go to Alaska with my husband and children. I have always wanted to explore somewhere far away and I think my boys would enjoy it there. I have seen so many beautiful photos of the blue waters and mountains with icecaps. Totally out of my element but I think it would be an experience of a lifetime.

  10. My dream vacation would be, for my daughters and I travel to Paris for a month!

  11. If posting "anonymous" please leave your name so we know who left the comment :)

  12. My dream vacation would be going to Harbor Island in the Bahamas. They have beautiful pink sand beaches there.

  13. Oh my goodness!! Thanks so much for introducing me to this awesome store!! My dream vacation would defiantly be to Peru! I would love to hike machu picchu!!!

  14. My dream vacation would be Hawaii for sure :)

  15. What a gorgeous tote! My dream vacation is a month long trip in Southeast Asia with my man! We were hoping to do this for our honeymoon, but those flights are thousands of dollars! :( Oh well, maybe someday, before kids come along! <3

  16. I haven't seen anything I don't like that you posted about! I would LOVE to win this tote! My dream vacation would be a cruise through the mediteranean with my husband or a trip to an exotic beach spot, like Bali or Fiji...I dream BIG. - Selina Wicks

  17. Wow, there are so many places I would love to go. It's really hard to choose just one. But I would have to say that I would LOVE to go to Italy and see where my Great Grandparents lived. It looks beautiful and I would love to actually see the place that I hear stories about. - Charlene Rodriguez

  18. i simply loved all your items. so pretty and dainty. i would love to go somewhere private with my family [at no cost] to be able to relax and enjoy some fishing. most of my family are disabled, including me, would be so nice to just set back and relax. thanks so much. joanne davidson

  19. I want to go somewhere warm! Caribbean perhaps?!?