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I have always been a huge fan of Jewelry. My favorite part of getting ready in the morning is adding the perfect accessories to my outfit. Its even better when I don't have to spend a lot too like stylish!
Since I've been introduced to Just Jewelry, I have found myself falling in love with their jewelry. 
While browsing through their catalog I noticed right away that they have a little bit of everything. Whatever your style may be, its in there.  I found myself loving pretty much everything!

I selected a few of my favorites from the catalog and Autumn sent them over to me to review.

My #1 favorite I received was Fun Loving Necklace

As you can see it definitely deserve the "fun loving" description in its name. 
I LOVED how fun, bright and colorful this necklace was!
I paired it with a hot pink lacy shirt and it added the perfect pop of color to it.  Most beaded necklaces seem to use a rubbery or plastic like cord to string their beads onto. When I received the necklace I noticed that the beads were actually woven onto what appeared to be like a cotton string. I loved the way the necklace felt. It was very smooth and not scratchy at all.

Next I reviewed the Dreamy Necklace

I really loved this necklace as well. I believe I received the most compliments on this one out of the 3 I reviewed. Like the Fun Loving necklace, this one also includes many fun colors. I love necklaces that incorporate many colors....they are perfect for any solid colored shirt. 

Lastly I reviewed the Urban Chic Necklace

Long chainlike necklaces are huge right now. They are perfect for any outfit- dressy or casual. 
The thing that caught my eye with this necklace was the different colored metals.
The mixture of gold, silver and copper definitely made it very unique and fun! 

It was very hard to choose my favorites out of the catalog because believe me...I'd love to own every piece....but I managed to pick out my top 5 pieces just to share with you :)

Feel Beautiful Stretch Ring

Love love love this ring!
{ I'm a huge fan of the rose gold }

Set the Tone Watch

Its a Wrap Bracelet

Fashionable Earrings

Assertive Ring

To check out more pieces from Just Jewelry, visit Autumn on Facebook or check out her Website

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