Giving of Yourself

My husband and I visited a new church over the weekend. I have to admit, I was more than a little nervous. I've gone to the same church all my life and its hard adjusting to a new church, a new pastor, and a new church family. Its hard walking in and not knowing a soul in there. Thanks to website, facebook, etc...learning more about churches is so much easier. You kind of know all about the place before you even get there.

The first thing you noticed when you walked into the church was the small decorated christmas trees that sat upon the stage. Now had I not visited their facebook page before coming I would have probably thought they were crazy for having Christmas decor up in August.
Thankfully I knew it all tied into the sermon.
Getting to my point, the sermon was about giving. 
Christmas is the season where we should give to others joyfully. Everyone seems to get into that Christmas spirit around the holidays but the truth is, it shouldn't stop there. We should give year round. 
You may be thinking, I don't have the money to give to others. 
Give Yourself.
What can you do that you can offer to others?

Sometimes just a random act of kindness is enough. 
The list is endless of ways that you can help others- wash their car, do odd jobs for them, pump someones gas....the list goes on.

I've had something on my heart here lately and after hearing this sermon, it pushed me to act upon it.
I do photography on the side...all kinds of it- maternity, babies, families and more.
Its really been on my heart here lately to create an organization that provides families with terminally ill members a full family photo session, free of charge. 
My goal through this is to bring a smile and lasting memories to these families by simply offering my service.

What can you Give?

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