Frame It Up!

Being a photographer, I have tons of photos printed that are just dying to be hung up somewhere in the house, the question to do it without it coming out tacky. 
While browsing a magazine in a doctor's office here lately I came across the idea of creating a photo collage. 
Since I of course couldn't bring the magazine home, I needed a refresher on creating your own collage wall. Leave it to pinterest to get your creativity going!

As you can see there are lots of possibilities in creating your wall collage.
First of yall, your going to need lots of frames!
The best part about this is they don't all need to be the same frames. I found all mine at the local Goodwill Boutique. I found a variety of sizes from wallet sizes to 8x10s. 
After a cheap can of black spray paint I had a nice set of black frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

After you've got your frames, you need to decide on what photos your going to put in them.
Generally, your photos need to have some sort of flow to them. You may decide to have a theme going or you may just choose to have a variety of family photos. Mine will be a mix of family photos.

You may also decide to include little momentos throughout your collage to add a little extra personality!
You may even add a little color and do different colored frames.

Right now, my collage is in the working process. 
Look for a photo soon!

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