Cate & Levi Product Review

Here recently I was introduced to Cate & Levi. As I browsed their website, I was immediately attracted to their company.
Cate & Levi create beautiful handmade products for children. They are made from reclaimed wool who's color and textures are individually selected. No two products are the same which ensures that each item is as unique as the child who adopts it!
I am a big advocate for toys that promote imagination and play, kinda like the toys we grew up with.
As a child I spent my times outside playing cars in the dirt with my brother or playing with my Barbies. 
I've noticed lately that some of these newer toys and attractions to children are neither educational nor promote the use of imagination.
This is exactly why I love Cate & Levi!
They create products that do just that! 

Cate & Levi sent us an adorable Pirate Puppet to review.
We had Co-Blogger Adrienne's little boy, Eli to do the reviewing.

"Pete" the Pirate

Eli loves to play pretend and now he can really use his imagination with Pete the Pirate!

Cate & Levi have SO many fun  and unique products to choose from.

If you'd like to purchase your own children's products from Cate & Levi, there are a couple of ways you can reach them

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