Modern Mom Gear Product Review

My name is Bridget and I recently had the opportunity to do a product review from Modern Mom Gear. I absolutely LOVED all the products that I reviewed. I had 2 burp cloths, a nursing wrap, and some swaddle blankets.

 I have a 5 month old daughter that I "tested" these items out on :) My favorite 3 things about the nursing wrap was the flexible plastic at the top of the wrap to keep it close to you for maximum coverage, and the fact that it had a "snap" for a hook, so there was no fiddling with strings to tie when you have a crying/hungry baby :) 

the last thing I loved about the nursing wrap was the fact that it had a small terry cloth triangle sewed to the inside for any drips :) The burp cloths were FABULOUS because they are so thick and absorbant.. also they are soft so you can wipe baby's mouth.

 I love how they both matched with the same material! The last thing to review was the swaddle wraps, which I love! They are made of cuddly soft flannel, but it's thin flannel so your baby will stay warm but not sweat too much! I really enjoyed reviewing these products!! 

Here are some of their other fun prints

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