Make It Yours Product Review

If your looking for the perfect personalized item for a gift or just to decorate your home, Make It Yours Can definitely help you out!
Make It Yours creates a variety of unique items like photography jewelry, personalized plates & glasses, personalized wooden blocks, tiles & coasters, canvas prints, personalized cups, wreaths, sippy & snack cups and personalized umbrellas!
Make it Yours had me send her some pictures- 3 for personalized blocks and 1 for a personalized necklace.

For the personalized wooden blocks I sent her 3 photos from my wedding.

I was SO thrilled with these personalized blocks! 
Such a beautiful way to show off my wedding photos. I had the perfect place for them, right on my sofa table so its the first thing you see when you come through my first door. 

They also sent me a beautiful personalized photo necklace.

I love this picture of my husband and I inside of this necklace! Now I can keep what I love most close to my heart :)

Make It Yours has lots of beautiful and unique items!
Here are a few of my favorites!

Personalized Umbrellas

Personalized Plates & Glasses

Personalized Bracelet

Want to get your own items?
Visit Make It Yours today!

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