Layers ByScentsy Product Review

If your familiar with scentsy then you automatically think about those amazing warmers that they have and their magnificent scents to go with them. Now, Scentsy is SO much more than warmers!

There is an exciting new line out called Layers By Scentsy.
Layers is a line of items exclusively for transforming your daily routine!
Amanda with Scentsy sent us two wonderful products to review!

Washer Whiffs in Coconut Lemongrass
(Also comes in Quiver)

Dryer Disks in Coconut Lemongrass
(Also comes in Quiver)

I was very excited to receive these two items. Me and my co-workers love scentsy and we were super excited to hear about these two products in particular! If your like me when you do laundry, you love that clean and refreshing smell when your clothes come out!

If you've ever used Purex Crystals than thats the exact look of the Washer Whiffs. They are little yellow beads. You just add your desired amount to your wash with your detergent. Thats it!

As soon as the clothes finish washing and I open the lid, I can already smell the yummy tropical scent!

My favorite was the dryer disk!
I always include fabric softener during my wash but I love it when my clothes come out of the dryer smelling fresh. With the dryer disks, you just ad one in the dryer with your laundry. You can reuse this disk 5 or 6 times (says the box). I know mine has been used way more than that and its still smelling! 

Layers has tons of new and awesome products that I'd love to try out!
They have shower gel and shower cream

Body Lotion

Body Butter

Hand Cream

Body Spray


Want to get your own Layers Products?
Talk to Amanda Redlinger today to get your catalog or place an order!

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