No Greater Love: Your Instruction Manual.....For Life

Instruction manuals. 
Some folks wouldn't dream of plugging something in or beginning assembly work until reading that little book from cover to cover. Other's thing, "If I get stuck, I'll see what the manual has to say." And still others throw it away faster than they can open the box of the thing that the manual instructs them about.
What your practice may be with manuals, one thing is certain: a clear, thorough, step-by-step instruction guide written by the very person who created that recent purchase would probably be helpful.
Well, our Creator God, the One who created you and your spouse, has given us such a manual- the Bible. But this instruction book is not only helpful, it is essential. In it is guidance for any and every situation we will encounter in live. In its pages is all the truth we need to receive the blessings of eternal salvation, on how to live a righteous life, and even how to love our spouse.
What a great encouragement to know that in his Word, the Lord has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness.
So don't throw out His instruction manual. Instead, read it, study it, meditate on it, and then do it- as a first resort, not the last!

Lord, It Made Sense that Your Word Is An Instruction Manual For My Life, For Our Marriage. Please Help Me, Lord, To Read That Manual And Do What It Says.

Love In Action
1. This week find two or three opportunities to encourage your spouse with a scripture verse. Does he need to be reminded of the Lord's strength? Does she need to hear about His love for her?
2. Each of you choose two or three verses from the Bible. Then memorize a verse a week. Hold each other accountable and plan a reward system like back rubs every day for a week for the first one who nails it. Hiding God's word in our heart helps us draw on God's wisdom and not our own.

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