Guest Post: Planning a Celebrity Party

Planning a Celebrity-Inspired Summer

     For me, summer always seems to start full of promise but as the temperature rises, I often find myself wishing for some exotic escape. Recently, some girlfriends and I were chatting about this. We all agreed that we’d love to be able to enjoy movie premieres, parties on private islands, and a fortnight at the Hamptons or other celebrity-style luxuries. Of course, none of us are likely to get an invite to Johnny Depp’s next party or tickets to the MTV Awards, but we can have our own celebrity-inspired events! No more whining allowed! We decided to get busy with plans, and I’d like to share some of them to inspire you as well.

Celebrity summer: Album Release Parties
Excitement is in the air for the music scene this summer as eagerly anticipated new releases from Kanye West, The Black Keys and Britney Spears hit the radio waves and iTunes store. Each superstar is certain to be circling the globe in an expensive private jet, partying in city after city to promote the latest hits. If they come to your town, do your best to snag a ticket and have fun dancing the night away!

Reality summer: Neighborhood Dance Off
If you can’t be front and center for an album-release party this season, hold a dance off in your neighborhood! Kids and adults will relish the opportunity to make costumes and choreograph dances to their favorite music. Encourage participants to work hard practicing, designing costumes and staging their dances. Then throw the mother of all block parties, complete with lighting, a stage and awards such as headphones or iTunes gift cards for the best acts!

Celebrity summer: US Open
For celebrities, tennis events such as Wimbledon and the US Open are some of the summer’s biggest events.  A crowded A-list crowd cheered on Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova took up their racquets and show off their skills. Leonardo Dicaprio, Brooklyn Decker, and Natalie Portman are some of the famous faces spotted at these sporting events!

Reality summer: Jersey Party
At home, we love watching sporting events in our home theater. Sometimes the best gatherings are centered on sports movies. Invite friends and neighbors to join you, dressed in jerseys or team colors to support their favorite teams and watch a favorite flick or two such as “Mighty Ducks”, “Miracle” or “Cool Running’s”. Between movies or even during, get guests involved with a ping pong tournament, foosball or outside activities.  Serve Gatorade slushies’ to top off an active afternoon!

Celebrity summer: “Big Time” Birthday Parties for Little Ones
Did any of you simply adore the all-out Thomas the Tank Engine party Kourtney Kardashian threw for her two-year-old son Mason? The event included a Thomas-inspired luncheon at Serendipity as well as a visit to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. Many celebs have been known for throwing down the big bucks for their tot’s big day, most notably, Taylor Armstrong from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” dropped a cool $60,000 for her daughter’s fourth birthday party!

Reality summer: Creative Kid’s Party at Home
You can throw a fun but affordable themed party for your little one too! Try out an “Arty Party”. Make sure all your little guests have smocks or paint shirts on. Then throw down a paint cloth and get busy. Set up stations of finger paints, clay, and other activities where kids will enjoy making their own works of art! End the colorful event by serving rainbow sherbet and a rainbow cake!

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