Keep Calm & Pack for Vacation

Getting ready for vacation can be exciting but at the same time, a big pain!
If your like me, you tend to pack everything- worried that you may forget something! 
Most people tend to focus on packing their clothes and toiletries but there is much more that also needs to be done! Thanks to a few pinterest posts, I've come up with a nice little list to make sure you've got everything ready to go!

4-6 Months Before

1. Plan a budget for your trip and begin saving! Some great ways to save your money (or earn some) for your trip: save your chain, yard sale, save your soda cans and cash them in, etc.

2. Take your vacation time from work. When booking my own vacation, my husband and I usually decide where we would like to go and then do our homework. See whats going on in that area! For example you may not want to book your beach vacation on bike week or spring break! 

3. Book your hotel! Before being quick to book your hotel, be sure to check out reviews online!
4. Make arrangements for your pets. Be sure to make arrangements for your animals to be fed or boarded. When boarding your animals, don't forge that they require for your animals to be up to date on their shots.
5. Purchase airline tickets if needed.
6. Purchase coupon books online. Also, be sure to check out!
7. Plan out your daily schedule. 

The Week Before

1. Stop your mail & newspaper delivery.
2. Car Maintenance. Make sure that oil is changes, brakes are good and that car is nice and squeaky clean!
3. Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home.
4. Start packing those bags!
5. Prepare activities for the kids.
6. Give family & friends your contact information.
7. Make sure to have your prescriptions refilled.
8. Call & confirm your hotel reservations and flights.
9. Go Shopping! Make sure you've got sunblock, snacks, etc.)
10. Put together a first aid kit (bandaids, antibiotic ointment, etc.)

The Day Before

1. Clean out your fridge! Last thing you need to have while your on vacation is something incubating in your fridge!
2. Fill up your gas tank.
3. Pack the car.
4. Get cash.
5. Get some good sleep.

Having this tips will be sure to help preparing for our upcoming vacation! You can find the full blog post and more ideas for kids activity kits and more at A Bowl Full of Lemons

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