Has It Really Been 3 Years???

This past week, my husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.
Its hard to believe that 3 years has gone by! It seems like just yesterday that I was saying "I Do".
Besides a few snapshots here and there, we haven't had our photos done since our engagements back in 2009. For our 3rd anniversary, I thought it would be nice to have our pictures done. 

Being a photographer myself, I am always looking for fun props and ideas. I am always up for a fun DIY project and I love finding things that I can easily make and incorporate into my sessions. When I stumbled across this idea a while back, I just new I had to try this out!

(Pinterest Version)

Props like this are SO simple to create yourself!

To create your anniversary frame you'll just need a few simple materials:
A Frame of your Choice
scrapbooking paper 

Cut your paper to fit inside your frame. I used a 4x6 frame. 
Next, using the glue, draw out your design on the paper. Since we're celebrating our 3rd anniversary, I used the number 3. Then, just apply the buttons to the glue!

After you've applied all the buttons, let dry.
Once dry, just insert your creation into the frame.

This cute little create makes the perfect photo prop! It could also be used to number tables at an event! 
Another Idea- instead of a number, you could do an initial :) 

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  1. I really like that idea to use as a photo prob. Happy anniversary! May you have many wonderful years together.