DIY Air Freshener

This is possibly the easiest DIY project ever. It is cheap, quick, and long-lasting. How perfect? This project is for those who want to be Eco-friendly, green, organic, granola, etc. Oh, and it's for the crafty people too! We are going to make an air freshener bag. I had never thought of doing something like this until my mom asked me to make one for her. Simply put- it is a small, light bag that holds your favorite scents. We made several burlap bags and put cinnamon sticks and whole cloves in them for the house; we also made linen bags with lavender scented cotton balls for the bedrooms. Like I always say: be creative, put your own spin on it, and make it yours!
The Stuff:
Fabric of your choice (something that will let the air circulate)
*Cinnamon Sticks
*Whole Cloves
*Cotton Balls
*Lavender Oil

**You can use whatever scents you want!
Step One:
Make a small pouch with your fabric, super easy, sew only two sides.
Step Two:
About 1/2 inch from the top of your pouch, cut small holes, 1/4 inch apart, all the way around.
Step Three:
Weave twine through holes.

Step Four:
Use about 5-8 drops of essential oil on cotton balls and put them into the bag, or put cinnamon sticks and cloves in them. Tie the bag shut, place it wherever it will have good air circulating.

We used our burlap bags on registers so that the air would be constantly circulating through them; we placed the lavender bags on our nightstands beside our beds.

I hope that you will enjoy this project! Please let us know how yours turn out, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask(:

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