2nd Annual Summer Splash Giveaway Hop

The Married Life Blog is super excited to be a part of the 2013 2nd Annual Summer Splash Giveaway Hop! How does this work you may ask?

Lots of blogs, just like The Married Life Blog will be joining in to host a fun summer themed giveaway! To make this giveaway possible we'll need sponsors to help us out!

Prizes must be summer related:
- Bathing Suites
- Sundresses, shorts, tank tops
- flip flops, sun glasses
- totes, coolers
- sunscreen, swimming gear
- beach/pool toys, beach book reads
- beach towels, beach chairs
- patio furniture, bbq accessories
- etc.

If you've got the perfect summer product you'd like to put in our giveaway, please contact The Married Life Blog today!

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