Ready, Set, Clean!

Cleaning is one of those things that just has to be done, yet hardly anyone enjoys it!
I despise cleaning. Honestly, its the last thing I want to do when I get home in the evenings after a long day at work. Aside from not having much desire to want to do it, I'm just not good at it!

When I start trying to clean, my ADD always tends to kick in! I cannot seem to focus on one room. I seem to bounce from one thing to the next and before you know it, I've ended up with a bigger mess then when I started! 

Lists have always helped me stay on track. Even when I was little, I struggled with cleaning my room. My mom would make me a checklist to help me clean. My chart would look something like this:

__  Pick up all toys & put them away
__  Put all dirty clothes in the laundry basket
__  Pick up and fold clean laundry & put them away
__  Pick up all trash and throw it away

There was more to the list but you get the point ;)
I needed direct directions to get something accomplished! It always worked! 
Well, cleaning a whole house is a LOT different then my little bedroom back at home. 
So with the help of good 'ol pinterest, I found a few charts to help me get started!

The great thing about a list is you can customize it to fit your home.
The list above shows cleaning your whole house at one time.
Knowing my time span....thats not going to happen at this residence :)

I need more of a daily list.
Everyone's list will probably be different depending on your schedule or routine. 
For example, my cleaning will need to be done in the evening since I leave early in the morning for work and dont get home until around 6:00.

Every Evening
Wash Dishes, Dry & Put Away
Do Laundry (If Needed)

Vacuum Main Floors 
(I decided to do what took the least amount of time on Mondays since we have several shows we like to watch on this night)


(clean, dust or mop any surfaces)

Organize/Clean Out Something
(Your car, a closet, your makeup drawer, etc.)

Swing Day!

Swing Day is the day that is dedicated to those odd jobs that need to be done every once in a while. They may include cleaning windows, wiping down cabinets, scrubbing your appliances, etc.

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