How to Host a Holiday Cookie Swap

Last year was my first year of hearing about a Cookie Swap. 
I wanted so bad to have one last Christmas but being so late in the season, I just didn't have the time to prepare but I promised myself that this year, I'd be having one. 

I was at first a little unsure at how to host a cookie swap party but thanks to some great online sources, I found all the information I needed! Thinking about hosting your own cookie swap? Well you've come to the right place!!

Step 1
Invite Guests

Thanks to social media and email, inviting your friends can be cheap and easy!
Send out your invites through email or even facebook!
You can also find some adorable Cookie Swap invitations on Pinterest.

Invite double the guests you can accommodate. Being the holidays, many people may not be able to make it and you want to be sure to have enough guests. 

Ask each person to bake 6-12 dozen cookies. That may sound like a lot of cookies but most typical recipes will make at least 2 dozen. Each guest will return home with the same amount of cookies they brought :)
Be sure to mention to guests that they bring cookies and bars that may travel well or don't need refrigeration. 

Step 2
Bake Cookies

Prepare a tried and true favorite recipe. 
I'm sure you've got some recipe that you can create perfectly and is sure to be a favorite!
Make them pretty!
Don't be afraid to show off your mad icing skills!
Store your cookies in an air tight container to preserve their freshness.

Step 3
Prepare to Host

Plan a Door Prize
Have each guest bring a cookie cutter. Place each cookie cutter in a large bag. Draw names and the winner gets all the cookie cutters!
Provide tea, coffee, and hot cookie or cider.
Set up a packaging station where guests can wrap up their cookies to take home or you can encourage guests to bring extra tins.

Step 4
Time to Swap!

Prepare a tasting tray and allow guests to sample cookies while they enjoy a beverage.

For the swap- 
have all the guests gather around the cookies. start by everyone taking a dozen each. Continue until all the cookies are gone! Each guest should take home as many cookies as they brought. 

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