New Mommy- Month 3

Its been about 3 and 1/2 months since our precious little Sophia came into this world. 
We have been so blessed with such a sweet little girl that has stolen our hearts. She has a smile that will melt your heart and a personality that constantly has us laughing. She looks just like her daddy but I can see a lot of her little personality in me. 

Its hard to believe how much she's grown in just 3 very fast months!
I never quite understood when people would say "Don't Blink" but I do now! Its just unbelievable how quickly she's grown. Everyday she does something new that amazes me.

Being a mommy has become much easier. I know her cries and (most of the time) I know how to make things better. There are times when new things occur, that I feel completely overwhelmed. For the first time the other night, she was sick...more than likely from teething (yes, already!) It was heart breaking to see her in that pitiful state and I could hardly take it! I'm so thankful for my hubby who was quick to help and assured me that everything was okay. I am so thankful to have him there by my side! There are still times when I become overwhelmed and when I do, I try to remember a quote I read right after I had her: "You only need to make it through 10 seconds at a time."
 Its amazing how true that is. 


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