When You Take Your Little On A Trip

This past weekend my hubby and I took a little weekend trip to Myrtle Beach. This was our first trip with our sweet little Sophia. We weren't sure how she'd do traveling and being in her car seat that long. After this weekend, I have to say that we've definitely been blessed with a very happy and good natured baby. She did so well!

She slept most of our trip and was awake for the last hour of it. Packing for this trip seemed to be a bit overwhelming for me. I was afraid I wouldn't pack enough things or even forget something that I'd really need! This short little trip was a great opportunity to learn how to travel with a little one and what you need and don't need!

Bottles- I packed 5 bottles and a whole container of formula. We also picked up a gallon of water when we arrived at the beach. 5 bottles were plenty enough for us. It would also be a good idea to take your bottle brush along with you!....or even pick up a cheap one when you get there.

Diapers- this is one of those things that you really don't how many you'll need. I took along a whole basic size package and then a whole tub of wipes. Also be sure to carry along a changing pad. More than likely where your going won't have a changing table so when it comes to changing diapers on your hotel bed or couch, this may come in handy!

Clothes- pack more than you need! More is better than not enough. We arrived at the beach on Friday evening and left Sunday morning. I packed around 7 outfits and a few onesies. During the few days we were at the beach, the temperature soared into the 100's. It was hot....which resulted in a sweaty baby- especially when we ventured out. I ended up changing her outfit 2-3 times each day.

Entertainment- our little one is 3 months old. At this age, its hard for her to occupy herself with toys. She's just starting to grab a hold of things. She loves to look around at things and loves when you talk to her. Right now, she loves watching TV. When all else fails, we'll turn on Disney Jr. Nothing like Mickey Mouse Club House & Doc McStuffins!

Sleeping- our little Sophia sleeps in a co-sleeper at our house. While traveling, we wanted something small and compact to carry with us. We brought along our rock 'n play. This worked perfectly.

Miscellaneous- blankets for chilly morning/evenings, a sunhat for those bright and sunny days, a stroller for your outings, tylenol/gas drops or any other medicines you may need, a portable dvd player for your trip to help entertain them and dvds and a baby carrier for when a stroller just won't work!


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