Product Review: Royal Design Studio Stencils

Sometimes, simple little things around your home just need a little extra love.
During the last few months, I've been searching for the perfect craft table. I just wanted a simple little table that would be perfect to hold my cricut machine and accessories. Finally after searching, we finally came across one at the good 'ol Goodwill Boutique! 

It was perfect! needed a little love!
What could be more perfect than a touch of Royal Design Studio Stencils

Several weeks ago I was sent a fun stencil to review for them. After attempting a few projects (notice I said attempted....) I finally got the technique right with my craft table! 

The stencil I reviewed was the Tangier Lattice Moroccan Stencil
This stencil was available in size small and large. I reviewed size Large since I knew I would be stenciling larger items.

Before you get started, I would suggest checking out their website and reading the "How To" Section.

Now, Lets get to my project!

Step 1
Lay down your stencil exactly where you want it. Secure the stencil with tape so that it does not slide.

Step 2
Get painting!

I used Valspar spray paint in one of my favorite shades of pink for this table. 
Royal Design Studio also has their own line of Creme Paints available on their website for purchase.

The first couple of projects that I attempted.....I tried two other types of paint. 
Both were variations of can paint. I used both with a roller. When I tried this method, excess paint would end up oozing up under the stencil which of course created an ugly mess and left me disappointed. Spray paint for me, has been the most successful method!

My table top was bigger than the stencil so I needed to move it a few times in order to get the rest of the table. This part can be very tedious!

After I finished painting the table top, I let it dry. 
I was SO thrilled with my finished product! It left me so motivated and ready to start on another project! 
I've found myself running around looking for other things to paint!

I am so in love with my new craft table! What was once a boring white table is now a beautiful bright and whimsical place for me to do my blogging and crafting!

Ready to start your own stenciling?? 
Royal Design Studio Stencils has oodles of amazing stencils to choose from!

Royal Design Studio Stencils

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  2. I would LOVE to have the Herribone stencils for the bathroom walls!