DIY: Valentines Burlap Door Hanger

Valentines is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the cute little decorations that I get to hang up around the house! I set my mantle up all nice and perfect, bring out the pretty pink flowers and even break out my adorable Valentines Scentsy warmer that I get to use for just a few weeks! The only thing that was missing....a cute little door hanger!

While I was browsing around pinterest, I found all sorts of cute and simple ideas but only one really caught my attention! I'm a sucker for burlap!

Since it was just so simple, I figured out share the "how to" with you!

Burlap (your choice of dark or light...or even patterned)
Acrylic Paints (burlap sucks up the paint so make sure you have plenty!)
Trash Bag
Paper Plate
Cup of Water
Ribbon of your choice
Black Sharpie or Chalk
Plastic Grocery Bags

Step 1
Draw a large rectangle shape on your burlap using your marker or chalk. It doesn't have to be perfect so don't worry about digging out that ruler. 

I used the edge of my burlap so I really only needed to draw a large upside down "L" shape.

Step 2
Cut out your rectangle. This sounds simple but really is more challenging. Burlap can be a pain to work with so take your time!

Step 3
Draw your words using your sharpie or chalk
(I got a little ahead of myself so I missed taking a photo of this step)

Step 4
Start your painting!

As I said before, burlap loves to soak up your paint....however, you dont have to worry about the color being even. It kind of gives it that primitive look your going for anyways!

You'll need to let the red dry before adding the white polka dots or the black edges around the letters.

Step 5
After your paint has dried (I let mine sit overnight), Glue your edges. I use tacky glue. Seal all edges except for one corner. 

Step 6
After your edges have dried, stuff your piece with plastic bags. I used 4 in mine. It was just right. You don't want to put too many. Now you can seal the final corner. You may need to set something heavy on top of that corner to hold it together while drying.

Step 7

Add your wire!
I use floral wire. They have different sizes but I like to go with the thick heavy duty wire.

Poke the wire through your burlap at the top. Using a pair of pliers, curl the ends to keep it in place.

Step 8
Add your bow!


I am not a bow maker my no means! I just used a wide wired ribbon that was red to add the perfect touch!

Hope you enjoy!

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