Boy or Girl? What will it be?

Since having a baby was brought up in the Parker residence, I had known for years that I wanted to have a gender reveal party. Thanks to pinterest, there are lots of fun and exciting things to do to celebrate your little one. I wanted our gender announcement to be more than just a simple text or phone call to our family & close friends. Our party was simple but it was definitely a very special day! Here are just a few things I did to make it our own.

The Cupcakes

At most gender reveal parties, the only one who knows the gender is the one baking the cake/cupcakes, etc. That was our original plan. However, the day before the appointment we decided to find out.
We still had one of our close friends from Sarah's Cuppycake Boutique to make our cupcakes for the announcement. Our cupcakes were a yummy yellow cake filled with a bright pink cream center! Lots of yummy icing was piled on top so no one could see the inside! Each cupcake was topped off with an adorable bow or mustache topper made by the lovely StickAdoodles on Etsy. 

The Marshmallow Pops

I knew I wanted something else sugary to go alongside the cupcakes. While browsing pinterest, I came across these adorable marshmallow pops and knew they'd be perfect and simple to make!
All you need is a few simple things: paper straws or sucker sticks, large marshmallows, almond bark to melt and your favorite sprinkles. 
Melt the almost bark in 15 second intervals, stirring in between until completely melted. 
Put your marshmallow on the straw and dip into the almost bark. This was a trial and error thing for us. If you dip the whole thing, you end up with lots of dripping. We found the best method was just dipping the top half. Decorate with sprinkles. Mason jars worked perfectly to hold them!

Pink or Blue?

I wanted my guests to be able to cast their "vote." 
For this we just simply painted the outside of clothespins. We did half of them pink and half of them blue. I also created a chalkboard with "old wives tales" describing different symptoms I was having. Most of our guests chose blue.

We had a wonderful time at our party! I can't wait for our next upcoming events to celebrate our sweet baby girl! 

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  1. these pictures are adorable. i love you three very much!!!